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Did You Know...

... that InTime detected three infringements by the Norgies & Friends?

InTime owners Dirk Venter and Claire King
posted Nov 6th, 2019 - InTime's Claire King and Dirk Venter reacted quickly to the special request for judging by Norgies & Friends. The NSL News mentioned in yesterday's update that there seemed to be a few critical moments in the team's copy of Round 6 at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019.

The South African judging experts detected three infringements, which reduced the 45 points in the 50-second working time to an unofficial score of 42 points. The official world record of 44 points remains in the possession of the French national 8-way team, who had actually completed 47 formations within the 50 seconds and lost three points after the judging procedure.

Norgies Friend Kjetil Nordin was not too disappointed. He said that the team now has a reason to challenge the French 44-pointer once again at a later time.

The Dutch/German Norgies Friend Paul Hofstee had told the NSL News that the four original Norgies and Nikolai Nansen ordered new jumpsuits during the recent indoor training camp in Liege, Belgium. This indicates that Kjetil Nordin, Paul Hofstee and player-coach Martial Ferre may have new opportunities in the future to connect with the Norgies, and Martial Ferre could try again to match his own 8-way indoor world record with a different team.

Three infringements on the unofficial InTime scoresheet
Paul Hofstee already has a very full plate of training and competition as an 8-way member of the Veloce QRF indoor team and after recently joining the new German national 4-way team, Oceanside AtomiX.

He is not a full-time skydiver and has to weigh the balance between work and team training and competition carefully.

The NSL News reported on October 27th that Paul Hofstee had joined the German team replacing Mark Zimmermann in the inside center slot. Oceanside AtomiX will represent Germany at the next World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2020.

The story provided a brief overview of Paul Hofstee's 4-way and 8-way history and career, which peaked when he trained and competed with Thunder ISR, the Dutch/Belgian 4-way combination that was arguably the best unofficial amateur team in the world.

The new slot with Oceanside AtomiX will not slow down his 4-way and 8-way efforts at all. In fact, the current situation could become the busiest time in his skydiving career, which is not a problem for one of the most passionate Formation Skydiving competitors in the history of the sport.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank 8-way Open L,17,4 A,F,3,13 15,18,6 D,8,O,N P,E,11,9 M,Q,J,16 C,K,19,22 10,1,7 5,G,B,2 H,21,12 Total Avg
1 Paraclete XP8  US  38    34 -1 33    27    29 -1 43 -2 29    27 -3 28    28     316 31.6
2 France  FR  37    33 -1 29 -1 27    27 -2 44 -3 26    30    27    29     309 30.9
- Norgies & Friends  NO  - -    -    -    -    42 -3 -    -       -    - -
3 Tanay  RU  31 -2 32    29 -1 27    29    42    27    28 -1 25    27     297 29.7
4 Qatar Falcons  QA  32 -1 31 -1 29    27    30 -1 40    24 -3 25 -1 25    24 -2  287 28.7
5 MicroClim8  UK  25    19 -3 22    19    20 -2 31    19    20    19    18    212 21.2
6 Why Not?  PL  23    21    21    21    21    26 -1 18    19 -1 19    18 -1  207 20.7

Paul Hofstee with Veloce QRF (right) at Paraclete XP
Paul Hofstee's move to the other side of the Dutch/German border was covered earlier. However, the update did not mention what Oceanside AtomiX was planning for the 2020 season.

Team speaker Peter Ingenhaag made clear in an earlier message that his team has big plans with the new team member: "With him we aim for a 21+ average next year. We scheduled around 400 training jumps and will compete at the German Indoor and Outdoor Nationals, Wind Games and the World Meet later in August. The ESL Finals are also on our list."

Paul Hofstee is the only AtomiX member who has performed at a 21+ level before, and he will be able to help Belgian coach Luc Verstrepen to guide the German team to their goal. AtomiX will still need all of the planned 400 training jumps and the additional competition experiences to get there, which will not leave Paul Hofstee much room to navigate his other skydiving projects.

Veloce QRF and Norgies & Friends are so far exclusively indoor projects, which makes planning and scheduling easier. It will still be a very busy year for Paul Hofstee...

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