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Did You Know...

... that the Belgian Fly-In Machine 44 is back in 8-way action?

Belgian CISM 4-way world champions in China 2019
posted Nov 7th, 2019 - The NSL News reported on October 26th that NMP PCH HayaBusa won their 13th consecutive CISM 4-way title at the military world championships in China and unified once again the three 4-way world titles, FAI indoor, FAI outdoor and CISM.

Team videographer Luc Van Britsom now provided the competition videos of the eight rounds, which are showing the Belgian world champions performing the CISM specific sequences of the military 4-way format.

NMP PCH HayaBusa are a full-time military team, similar to the Golden Knights situation and the Qatar national teams, and they have to attend the annual CISM world championships as a part of their military services. Next year's event is scheduled for June and will be hosted by Austria. It will be one of the few competitions that HayaBusa will attend before trying to defend their FAI world championship title and win their 4th consecutive 4-way gold medals. There will not be much time next year to switch from the CISM to the FAI format.

However, the Belgians don't seem to be facing extremely challenging opposition in the 4-way world at the moment, and they have been able to master the combination of both outdoor events very successfully since 2014. In fact, they have also switched back and forth between indoor and outdoor competition without too much trouble and own the FAI indoor world championship title, as well.

CISM 2019
Rank4-way MenM,P,11,GM,A,F,22M,21,C,EM,H,R,10M,K,N,4M,Q,D,17M,19,O,LM,14,B,JTotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusa BE 3334(-2)3732(-1)354036(-1)3728435.5
2Qatar Tigers QA 2933(-1)34303034(-2)323425632.0
3Airheads CH 282930(-2)27(-1)3135(-1)3126(-5)23729.6
4Germany DE 28303228(-1)3031(-1)3125(-5)23529.4
5Papea Masculino BE 2828(-1)3125(-1)26(-2)29(-3)27(-2)3122528.1
Video footage provided by team videographer Luc Van Britsom
Fly-In Thund8rbirds at the Clash of Champions 2015
The currently dominating position in the 4-way world even allows HayaBusa to spend once again some extra time in 8-way with their Belgian 4-way friends of ISR FireFlash. They have scheduled several hours of 8-way training in Liege for the coming weeks before traveling to Florida at the end of November and the next 4-way outdoor training in Zephyrhills.

HayaBusa's 8-way adventures are not new. Dennis Praet, David and Andy Grauwels had joined the 8-way competition at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014 with Voltevobusa for the last four rounds. The complete 2015 lineup then competed with Thund8rbirds at the Belgian Nationals the same year, and later at the Clash of Champions.

The Thund8rbirds, with the Dutch/Belgian Thunder ISR lineup as the other half, came back a year later and won the Weembinamic 2016 with a 27.1 indoor average.

HayaBusa's excursion into 8-way training and competition was obviously not a one-time event, and it continued after Thunder ISR was done. ISR FireFlash became the other half of the new Fly-In Machine 44, and the new team had now turned into an eligible Belgian 8-way lineup.

USPA Nationals 2017
Rank8-way OpenG,22,19,6,2D,7,178,J,C,KQ,B,14,2019,15,4A,10,1312,M,N,PH,O,3,165,21,11TotalAvg
1Golden KnightsUS2217161921221921281720220.2
GFly-In Machine 44BE2316171615211620261518518.5
GQatar FalconsQA1612151215161317201314914.9
2Arizona AirspeedUS1714111515171413181314714.7
GAmphibious Attack TigersUS1812131013181416151114014.0
6SDC Rhythm XP8US1211121311151215141212712.7
7Paraclete XP8US1311101112141211141011811.8
8Spaceland Gummies 8US1111871012910109979.7
GPerris Spider PigsUS5745657547555.5
Video Footage Courtesy of FAI/IPC/OmniSkore!HD
Fly-In Machine 44 at the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2017
The Fly-In Machine 44 shocked the 8-way world first by winning the 8-way competition at the French Indoor Nationals 2017 with a 29.4 average. Then the Belgians followed up with an 18.5 average and the 2nd place behind the Golden Knights as a guest team at the USPA Nationals 2017.

The Fly-In Machine 44 had even won an 8-way bronze medal for Belgium at the FAI World Cup 2017 before traveling to the United States a month later.

The HayaBusa/FireFlash joint venture came to a halt when the 4-way world champions had to focus on their title defense in Australia 2018. Then ISR FireFlash had to take a long break due to Glenn Straeluyc's work accident and injury.

Glenn Straeluyc is now ready again for 4-way and 8-way action, after the first comeback attempt at the World Challenge 2019.

The Fly-In Machine 44 is back in 8-way action and without any serious plans for the near future yet. However, it will probably not take too much training for the Belgians to get back to 8-way medal level...

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