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Did You Know...

... that the Deland Norgies are back in 8-way action with Friends?

FAI 4-way bronze in 1999, 2001, 2003: DeLand Norgies
posted Nov 5th, 2019 - The DeLand Norgies, Norwegian 4-way bronze medalists at the FAI Championships of Formation Skydiving in 1999, 2001 and 2003, have had several comebacks and reunions of the original lineup (Lise Aune-Nansen, Pal Kolbenstvedt, Carl-Erik Tuv, Torstein Valen) over the years, at indoor and outdoor events.

The complete Norgies 4-way team, disregarding the 5th member on camera, had their last reunion at the Norwegian Nationals 2017 where they won the 4-way title with an 18.4 average after eight rounds, far ahead of any other Norwegian 4-way teams. Members of the original lineup had also attended other indoor events in 4-way and 8-way randomly.

Norgies point, Pål Kolbenstvedt, even collected his most recent Norwegian outdoor gold medals at this year's national championship, even though he did not have company by his original team mates. However, he successfully convinced the other three Norgies to join him for a new indoor project, this time in 8-way.

All four original members and Lise Aune-Nansen's husband Nikolai agreed to invite 8-way expert Martial Ferre as the player-coach for the Norgies & Friends lineup, and they asked two other high-profile competitors to join the Norgies indoor reunion in 8-way.

Training sessions of Norgies & Friends - Round 6 at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019
Norgies & Friends last week at Fly-In Liege
Paul Hofstee and Kjetil Nordin did not need much time for a decision after the invitation. Paul Hofstee said that he has always been a big Norgies fan ever since he met them in his own career. Kjetil Nordin grew up in Norway and had the Norgies as Formation Skydiving role models around the corner.

Plans were made for a 3-day indoor camp at Fly-In Liege in Belgium, and the Norgies & Friends came well prepared to the 16-foot wind tunnel, as the training videos are showing.

It was originally supposed to be only a one-time affair. However, the 8-way team for a weekend may have enjoyed it more than they even expected.

Paul Hofstee reported that the Norgies ordered new jumpsuits right on site, where Martial Ferre could take the measurements as a Parasport dealer. The new Oceanside AtomiX member said that he will sign up for any following training camps with the Norgies if they decide to continue.

Martial Ferre, Paul Hofstee and Kjetil Nordin are highly experienced and well trained 8-way competitors, as they have attended many 8-way competitions together in Martial Ferre's international Veloce QRF signature lineup.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank 8-way Open L,17,4 A,F,3,13 15,18,6 D,8,O,N P,E,11,9 M,Q,J,16 C,K,19,22 10,1,7 5,G,B,2 H,21,12 Total Avg
1 Paraclete XP8 US 38 34 33 27 29 43 29 27 28 28 316 31.6
2 France FR 37 33 29 27 27 44 26 30 27 29 309 30.9
3 Tanay RU 31 32 29 27 29 42 27 28 25 27 297 29.7
4 Qatar Falcons QA 32 31 29 27 30 40 24 25 25 24 287 28.7
5 MicroClim8 UK 25 19 22 19 20 31 19 20 19 18 212 21.2
6 Why Not? PL 23 21 21 21 21 26 18 19 19 18 207 20.7

Official FAI indoor world record: France 8-way team
The Norgies 8-way training camp in Liege became even more interesting when player-coach Martial Ferre added a sequence to the training plan that he knows very well. He was captaining the French national 8-way indoor team who won the silver medals at the FAI Indoor World Meet around the corner at Weembi Lille in France.

The 8-way competition included a very fast sequence in Round 6, and Martial Ferre's French 8-way team had posted a 44-pointer for a new official FAI indoor world record.

The Norgies & Friends took on the sequence in training and practiced it several times before getting serious about it. Then they used the stop-watch to compare their results with the best 8-way teams in the world. The video of the best sequence is showing a 45-pointer of a team who look like very well-trained 8-way experts.

The NSL News detected a few critical situations, and the experts in the audience have an opportunity to be the judges. Norgies & Friends have asked InTime owners and judges Claire King and Dirk Venter to evaluate the performance from the judging perspective. The NSL News will follow up with the results...

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