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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas are on the same Indoor Cloud League mission?

Jeana Billings and Kirk Verner (top 2nd and 3rd from left) with Paraclete XP8
image by: USPA/Omniskore/Paraclete XP
posted Nov 5th, 2019 - The October leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League begins to take shape after iFLY Jacksonville and Hurricane Factory posted the first scores and videos earlier.

Paraclete XP and iFLY Dallas followed up with their October information last weekend. Both ICL teams continued to use the ICL events to introduce 4-way competition to new participants. Morgan Womble, who organizes the ICL events at Paraclete XP, said that she had six young and new fliers participating: "They are doing great! Most of them have less than 50 jumps."

At the same time, the new participants and young skydivers have the opportunity to watch world-class 4-way competitors in full action. Paraclete XP's October team included once again Kirk Verner, one of the most successful and most experienced Formation Skydiving competitors in the history of the sport.

He performed the AAA Class sequence together with Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings and Chris Webb. Then he was also the player-coach for one of the Rookie Class lineups (RRR) where Peter James and Chuck Beasley could also experience how it feels to do 4-way with a world-class competitor.

Paraclete XP - OctoberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams B,19,P,10 D,6,19 A,L,8 L,B,P M,A,L M,DTotal
Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings, Chris Webb, Kirk Verner19(-1)22(-1)----41
Cheryl Morgan, Matthew Alarif, Chris Halsan, Eric Harper--20---20
Peter James, Chuck Beasley, Kirk Verner, Chris Webb---13(-1)--13
Courtney Skaar, Matthew Porter, Jeana Billings, Morgan Womble----101020

Paraclete XP's Best of October19222013101094

iFLY Dallas - Paraclete XP - Hurricane Factory in October
iFLY Dallas - OctoberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams B,19,P,10 D,6,19 A,L,8 L,B,P M,A,L M,DTotal
Lacey Breaux, Zach Breaux, Michael Erickson, Donaldo Grajeda15-----15
Aaron Perkins, Caden Maydew, Jay Rapp, Lucas King-1617---33
Christy Clevenger, Rebekah Le Gall, Debbie Swenson, Michael Erickson---14--14
Alex Zuttre, Raj Sarkar, Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg----201030

iFLY Dallas Best of October15161714201092

iFLY Dallas team in October
Courtney Skaar and Matthew Porter had a similar experience with Jeana Billings and Morgan Womble, first posted the 19-pointer for the AAA Class sequence together with Kirk Verner and then guided Courtney Skaar and Matthew Porter through the two other Rookie Class sequences (RR - R).

Jeana Billings is Kirk Verner's team mate in the Paraclete XP8 team and reigning 8-way indoor world champion. XP8 will also compete for the U.S. delegation at the FAI Outdoor World Meet 2020. Jeana Billings has also been a Ranch 2nd Generation 4-way competitor this year. Morgan Womble was in the Phoenix XP lineup, the U.S. 4-way national team in 4-way Women last year.

Kyle Hermberg is on the same mission with his iFLY Dallas team. He has also committed the ICL events to the introduction of 4-way competition to new participants and added several new names to the iFLY Dallas lineup last month. Only Michael Erickson had double duties in two lineups (AAA - RRR) while all other sequences were performed by different participants.

iFLY Dallas is currently leading in two of the three Rookie Class categories (RRR - RR) while Paraclete XP has the A Class highscore for October so far.

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