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Did You Know...

... that two more teams added scores to February's World Tunnel League leaderboard?

AAA Class: DeLoreans
posted Mar 5th, 2018 - Two more teams from Northern California entered their scores for the February competition of the World Tunnel League.

The DeLoreans changed the AAA Class leaderboard, while ErrSpeed added numbers to the AA Class scramble.

The original leaderboard is showing all scores that were posted in February with the respective meet averages. The five Czech AAA Class teams were alone on the leaderboard until DeLoreans interfered slightly. The three Czech top teams (HF Bad Boys, HF Chicks, HF Flying Circus) were out of reach for DeLoreans, while the Skydive University team from Slovakia could become a target for the U.S. team.

The DeLoreans were ahead of the Slovakian team only with the 6-round average on the complete leaderboard and outscored Accord before and after the adjustment of the rankings according to the completed number of rounds.

World Tunnel League February 2018
RankAAA ClassD,9,K,163,7,GH,17,2115,A,6F,C,B,115,E,1413,J,1219,O,10P,8,204,18,22TotalAvg
1HF Bad BoysCZ2621242227191521171520720.7
2HF ChicksCZ2420222229201618191620620.6
3HF Flying CircusCZ2520212026191419181519719.7
5Skydive University SlovakiaSK2212181926181315171217217.2
RankAA ClassD,9,21K,7,GH,18,L15,A,6F,C,B,11E,14,M13,J,119,O,NP,8,204,22TotalAvg
1HF CubsCZ2021181920151116171517217.2
4Err SpeedUS141510111313----7612.7
5M TeamCZ17161112141681391012612.6
7Team JAKEUS1818121017150158812112.1
8SCZ FurtheranZe XPUS1413101213149138911511.5
RankA ClassD,K,7G,9H,21A,6F,C,BE,M,LJ,219,OP,84,NTotalAvg
2SCZ ZEUS 2.2US9111192316699711011.0
3HF Flying RebelsCZ98107111210787898.9
1SF Bay Feb RookiesUS221416202017----10918.2
2Tampa KickersUS13710101111138121210710.7
AA Class: ErrSpeed
The situation was similar on the AA Class leaderboard, where the different numbers of completed rounds created different rankings.

ErrSpeed was only in 4th place due to the 6-round meet at iFLY Sacramento. The teams in Northern California are flying in their 12-foot chamber, which allows only a limited number of blocks for a 6-round meet.

The adjusted leaderboard is showing all teams in their rankings after Round 6, and ErrSpeed ended up tied with Florida team SCZ FurtheranZe XP in 7th place. The next four teams up on the leaderboard had an exciting competition for the 3rd place.

The HF Chicks, junior team from the Czech Republic, dominated February's World Tunnel League competition in the AA Class just as much as the Czech AAA Class teams.

World Tunnel League February 2018
RankAAA ClassD,9,K,163,7,GH,17,2115,A,6F,C,B,115,E,14TotalAvg
1HF Bad BoysCZ26212422271913923.2
2HF ChicksCZ24202222292013722.8
3HF Flying CircusCZ25202120261913121.8
4Skydive University SlovakiaSK22121819261811519.2
12-foor flying chambers in Northern California
The 10-round competition draw for the month of March is posted, and the Czech teams will once again be the first ones on the new leaderboard. They have their next indoor competition scheduled for this week at the Hurricane Factory.

The first six rounds offer teams with access to 12-foot flying chambers participation in the World Tunnel League, and the remaining four rounds include the remaining blocks of the whole dive pool.

The teams in Europe have two more major indoor meets scheduled, the French Indoor Nationals 2018 and the World Challenge 2018. There is also a new European Indoor Championship sanctioned by FAI/IPC that is scheduled for April.

The U.S. teams are done with domestic indoor competition after the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018. The World Tunnel League events are an opportunity to continue measuring up the indoor scores with other teams throughout the year...

World Tunnel League February 2018
RankAA ClassD,9,21K,7,GH,18,L15,A,6F,C,B,11E,14,MTotalAvg
1HF CubsCZ20211819201511318.8
3Team JAKEUS1818121017159015.0
5M TeamCZ1716111214168614.3
7SCZ FurtheranZe XPUS1413101213147612.7
7Err SpeedUS1415101113137612.7
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