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Did You Know...

... that the HF Cubs are the farm team for the HF Chicks?

FAI bronze medals for HF Cubs in Montreal
posted Dec 5th, 2017 - The NSL News mentioned a few times after the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 how two teams from the Czech Republic won FAI indoor bronze medals for the small European country after preparing for several years at the Hurricane Factory, including regular indoor meets of the Indoor Cloud League and the World Tunnel League.

The HF Chicks placed 3rd in 4-way Women, and the HF Cubs won the bronze medals in 4-way Junior.

The story on 30 November 2017 pointed out how the HF Cubs are now caught between AAA and AA sequences at the monthly Indoor Cloud League competition after the junior team lost eligibility for the A Class. They posted 25+ scores twice in the A Class and had to move up to only AA or AAA sequences.

Teams in FAI/IPC's 4-way Junior category perform only AA Class sequences without the six slot-switching AAA Class blocks, which reduced the HF Cubs Indoor Cloud League participation realistically to only one category (AA).

FAI Indoor World Meet 2017
Rank4-way Women16,P,122,8,H22,20,315,D,4A,J,6,L7,M,195,Q,2118,B,17G,14,C,NK,E,10,11TotalAvg
1French Weembi GirlsFR2826232738343030342829829.8
3HF ChicksCZ2218161932252420262322522.5
4Team XSE2420182230262418212022322.3
5Parachute Montreal FuzionCA2020192131272019202021721.7
6No MercyPL2418181923262218242121321.3
7Texas CrushUS1814131421241915161516916.9
8China 4-way RedCN1115131520201714151715715.7
9Not Your MarchHU141581418181711181614914.9
FAI Indoor World Meet 2017
Rank4-way JuniorF,7,L19,A,K11,N,E22,H,9Q,M,J,814,6B,15,PO,C,18TotalAvg
1Aerokart Ak'demieFR362927263422332323028.8
2Air DevilsCA322926232822222620826.0
3HF Junior CubsCZ341719192418282218122.6
4Skyblockers SingaporeSG292410191919212216320.4
FAI bronze medals for HF Chicks in Montreal
Just a few days later, on 2 December 2017, the results from the ISR Grand Prix 2017 were showing a new team record average of the Monaco Indoor Skydive Team. Monaco competed with a new lineup that included 4-way junior competitor Kylian Forsans, who trained and competed with the Aerokart Ak'demie 1 team before joining the three Monaco seniors in Roosendaal.

Kylian Forsans was the second example of how 4-way juniors get ready much earlier and quicker to enter the 4-way senior world, due to indoor training and competition practice and experiences.

Canadian Air Devil Yannick Bisson, silver medalist in 4-way Junior at this year's indoor world meet in Montreal, competed in the AAA Class even earlier with his 4Astrophe family team.

Canada had another 4-way junior who even skipped the indoor training and competition experience and joined the national 4-way Open Class team Evolution right away. Benoit Lemay was the youngest 4-way Open Class competitor at the FAI World Meet 2008 and eventually won two FAI bronze medals with Evolution at the same event in Prostejov 2014, in 4-way Open and in 4-way VFS.

Monaco Indoor Skydive team in Roosendaal
The Czech Republic's 4-way godfather, HF Bad Boys member Jan Klapka, informed the NSL News shortly after the Indoor Cloud League update from the Hurricane Factory that he is not too concerned with the current situation of the HF Cubs.

He said that he has been preparing the 4-way junior team for the AAA Class dive pool for a while. The 4-way juniors will eventually grow out of the FAI/IPC category with AA and A Class sequences, by age and by skills and experiences both. He does not mind to leave the A Class sequences behind and begin to collect AAA/Open Class experiences, even if the HF Cubs may still compete in 4-way Junior at FAI/IPC events.

Jan Klapka's goal is to get the HF Cubs ready to fill open slots if any of the HF Chicks senior members are not available in 4-way Women. That's exactly what Kylian Forsans did for the Monaco team in Roosendaal.

The HF Cubs have not posted any AAA Class scores at the Hurricane Factory's Indoor Cloud League or World Tunnel League events yet. They could also challenge the HF Chicks with their own complete lineup soon, or even go after the HF Bad Boys and HF Flying Circus in the AAA Class...

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