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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP has a 3-point Indoor Cloud League November lead over the Hurricane Factory?

Paraclete XP's AAA Class November lineup
posted Dec 4th, 2017 - The Indoor Cloud League competition for the month of November is almost over, and some missing scores and videos are still added to the November leaderboard.

Paraclete XP's ICL team has taken the lead with the total of 123 points that outscored the Hurricane Factory team by three points. It was the 4th time this year that Paraclete XP posted the highest total of the month and finished in the top position.

The Czech HF Bad Boys still won the AAA and AA categories, and Mimozemky added another highscore for the RRR Class sequence.

However, the two Paraclete highscores in the A Class (23) and in the R Class (22) and the 6-point advantage for the RR Class sequence (18 - 12) added up to the 3-point advantage over the Hurricane Factory in November.

Paraclete's AAA/AA Class lineup was a new combination of experienced 4-way competitors. Morgan Womble, Drew Starr, Matt Acord and Joey Freeman joined forces this time.

Paraclete XP - NovemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Morgan Womble, Drew Starr, Matt Acord, Joey Freeman2422----46
Vega XP--23---23
Dee Caminiti, Heather Pinsky, Greg Bush, Matt Acord--14--14
Madeline Grucella, Morgan Womble, JP Brown, Drew Starr----182240

Paraclete XP's Best of November242223141822123

Phoenix XP member Morgan Womble has competed with the two Golden Knights of the current lineup (Drew Starr) and earlier ones (Matt Acord) at previous Indoor Cloud League events, while Joey Freeman put his name on the ICL leaderboard for the first time.

Joey Freeman with Carolina Turbo XP in 2015
Joey Freeman trained and competed with Carolina Turbo XP when SDC Rhythm XP members Doug Barron and Andrew Happick were still in the Turbo lineup. He had joined Turbo after the team won USPA gold medals in the Intermediate Class in 2009 and Advanced Class gold a year later.

It was Turbo's first year in USPA's Open Class when Joey Freeman joined the lineup, and he continued with the team until the 21.7 average in 4th place at the USPA Nationals 2015. JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz then recruited Doug Barron and Andrew Happick for the Rhythm future, and the Turbo 4-way project came to an end.

The Paraclete XP November team also included the almost complete Vega XP lineup. The NSL News introduced the USPA 2017 champion in the Intermediate Class on 17 October 2017 and followed up with team plans for the 2018 season on 25 October 2017.

The A Class sequence for November was a part of Vega XP's dive pool until this year's national championships, and the team is now getting ready for the AAA competition. Nicholas Walker, Annie and Ian Drennan were missing their 2017 team mate and USPA champion Julie Kleinwort, and Brandon Kashani was filling in for her.

Indoor Cloud League 2017
RankNovember 14+H,6,G,17H,6,13H,G,2C,N,OM,H,GM,HTotal
1Paraclete XPUS 24 22 23 14 18 22123
2Hurricane FactoryCZ 29 24 15 24 12 16120
3iFLY SeattleUS 16 14 10 16 19 1590
4Flybox IsraelIL 14 13 11 14 15 1582
5iFLY TampaUS 17 18 14 10--59
Modified Vega XP lineup with coach Drew Starr
Morgan Womble and Drew Starr also guided two new Indoor Cloud League competitors through their first Rookie Class sequences together. Madeline Grucella and JP Brown contributed 40 points to Paraclete XP's November total with their two player coaches. The 22-pointer for the R Class sequence is the November highscore in this category, and the 18-pointer for the RR sequence is only one point short of iFLY Seattle's 19-pointer.

Paraclete's 3-point advantage over the Hurricane Factory's November total does not have a significant impact on the 2017 leaderboard, and the last set of six sequences for December will probably not change much.

The Paraclete XP team is having their eyes on the new 2018 season after joining the Indoor Cloud League in January this year. After a slower start in January and February the scores between March and November seriously challenged the Czech ICL dominance.

In fact, there was only a 9-point difference for the total in the same time period (1033 - 1024). The Hurricane Factory team will have to be ready for a more challenging 2018 season...

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