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Did You Know...

... that the combined FAI Indoor World Cup leaderboard features a colorful mix of different lineups?

AAA Class awards at the World Challenge 2017
posted Oct 26th, 2017 - The NSL News is once again taking a closer look at the combined AAA Class leaderboard after the identical ten rounds in 4-way Open and 4-way Women at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017.

It's a colorful leaderboard that is actually showing three different categories. Ten teams had all-male lineups (gray), nine teams competed in the separate 4-way Women event (magenta), and another four teams had mixed lineups (yellow).

NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi High Rollers dominated the 4-way Open Class and the combined leaderboard both, while the French Weembi Girls battled with Black Cat and Arizona Airspeed for the 3rd place. They missed the extra round for the bronze medals by only four points.

The French Weembi Girls were back to full indoor strength that they had demonstrated impressively at the World Challenge 2017 where they placed 3rd on the AAA Class leaderboard, with only HayaBusa and Weembi ahead of them. In fact, the distance to the indoor world champions was almost exactly the same in Montreal (29) as it was in Bedford (28) while they reduced the distance to Weembi from 27 to 22. Arizona Airspeed and Black Cat did not compete in Bedford and squeezed themselves in between the two top teams and the French Weembi Girls on the combined leaderboard.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2017
Rank4-way Open/Women16,P,122,8,H22,20,315,D,4A,J,6,L7,M,195,Q,2118,B,17G,14,C,NK,E,10,11F,O,9,ETotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE30292530473334343728-32732.7
2Weembi High RollersFR30292630413532323728-32032.0
3Arizona AirspeedUS292824294132273135265930230.2
4Black CatRU302724303934322833255830230.2
5French Weembi GirlsFR28262327383430303428-29829.8
6Qatar TigersQA28212427363123272926-27227.2
7Satori XLUK23232121382925263223-26126.1
10Amnesya Fly-InIT25211823292824223120-24124.1
11Papea SpainES24201821292623212620-22822.8
12HF ChicksCZ22181619322524202623-22522.5
13Team XSE24201822302624182120-22322.3
15HF Bad BoysCZ21201720322122212322-21921.9
16Parachute Montreal FuzionCA20201921312720192020-21721.7
17No MercyPL24181819232622182421-21321.3
18China 4-way GoldCN19181618262219182220-19819.8
20Texas CrushUS18141314212419151615-16916.9
21China 4-way RedCN11151315202017141517-15715.7
22Not Your MarchHU1415814181817111816-14914.9
Satori at the Shamrock Showdown 2008
The French Weembi Girls will be much happier with the results in Montreal compared to the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2017. They had won the gold medals in 4-way Women easily in Saarlouis but were far behind the best 4-way Open Class teams on the combined leaderboard in August.

Volition made the Top 10 with the 24.8 average, and the bronze medal battle in 4-way Women between HF Chicks and Team X may have helped both teams to push each other into the middle of the combined leaderboard.

Satori XL was the best team with a mixed lineup in 4-way Open and on the combined leaderboard. Original member Katie Woods took the point slot nine years after her first meet with Satori. Julia Foxwell, Liz Matthews and Aaron Faith competed with her at the first Satori meet, the Shamrock Showdown 2008. Liz Matthews was in the Volition lineup in Montreal, and Julia Foxwell took the year off to take care of her growing family.

Italy's national indoor team Amnesya has Chiara Brunetti in the lineup and took the last Top 10 slot on the combined leaderboard in Montreal. Amnesya was aiming at the 26.6 average level that the team had shown at the Italian Indoor Nationals 2017 and had to settle with less. The plans for the 2018 season are in the works now.

The bronze medal duel in 4-way Women between HF Chicks and Team X was joined by a few more teams on the 4-way Open Class leaderboard. The Canadian Inlaws were another team with a mixed lineup.

4-way Junior awards in Montreal
The Lemay brothers Vincent and Benoit, 4-way Open Class bronze medalists with Evolution together with Katie Woods in Prostejov 2014, competed with their fiancees in Montreal, Justine Kerr Denis and Monika Wittmer.

Last and not least, the Chinese 4-way Open Class team has a mixed lineup, as well, and finished ahead of the country's 4-way Women team.

U.S. team Texas Crush, China's Red team and Not Your March from Hungary managed to leave the all-male team from Bahrein behind. Bahrein is the host of the next FAI Indoor World Cup in 2018 and will try to leave the bottom position on any leaderboard to another team on their home turf next year.

The 4-way Junior and VFS leaderboards don't separate the lineups by gender. The HF Cubs from the Czech Republic are four young ladies, while the Aerokart Ak'demie 2 team won with four young men in the lineup. Boys and girls played together in the other two lineups from Canada and Singapore. 4-way VFS had three teams with mixed lineups (U.S.A. - Canada - Finland) and three with only male competitors (France - Poland - Sweden).

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