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Did You Know...

... that the tie-breaking rules are once again facing a reality check?

Tied in 2nd after Round 5: Bubble Trouble
posted Aug 12th, 2017 - The weather situation is still the same at the FAI World Cup 2017. Meet director and host are trying hard to at least complete the open rounds for the final standings, and the teams and competitors cooperate despite miserable jumping conditions.

One event may have come to a conclusion after five rounds, at least as of completed rounds, even though the host is still trying to move forward with Round 6. The seven teams in 4-way Women have all completed Round 5, and the current situation on the top of the leaderboard behind the French Weembi Girls is similar to the tied 1st place after Round 2 between NMP PCH HayaBusa and RealFly-Sion.

Parachute Montreal Fuzion and Bubble Trouble are tied in 2nd place after Round 5, and it is very questionable whether the teams will be able to add more scoring numbers to the leaderboard or not.

The situation in 4-way Women is much more complicated compared to the one after Round 2 in 4-way Open, where HayaBusa and France were easily able to break their tie in the following rounds. The reigning world champions from Belgium showed their teeth for the first time in Round 5 and simply ran away.

FAI World Cup 2017
Rank4-way WomenL,O,F,K,11C,3,713,2,G1,17,205,E,216,8,AD,4,P,22M,10,J,B18,H,N,9Q,15,1412,16,19TotalAvg
1French Weembi GirlsFR29(-2)171916(-1)23------10420.8
2Parachute Montreal FuzionCA24(-2)20161516(-3)------9118.2
2Bubble TroubleRU2320161418(-1)------9118.2
4No MercyPL201510(-1)1315------7314.6
Tied in 2nd after Round 5: Parachute Montreal Fuzion
Canada and Russia could be tied after Round 5, and there will probably be no opportunity for a jump-off round. This means again that the new tie-breaking rule would have to be applied, this time in real life.

The NSL News was easily able to find out who would have been the winner in 4-way Open after Round 2. Both teams completed the same last formation, and HayaBusa was roughly half a second faster in building the Side Flake Opal of Block 3, which was the last common scoring formation for both teams.

Fuzion and Bubble Trouble both completed 19 points within working time in Round 5. However, neither team had a 19-pointer on the leaderboard (18 - 16) after point deductions for infringements and/or possibly meteorological reasons. Judges and FAI/IPC lawmakers will have to decide which formation is the last one that both teams completed together.

The rules define that a formation or inter with an infringement does not count as a scoring formation, which brings both teams to different last formations within the working time.

It becomes even more complicated in the Canadian situation if some of the three point deductions were caused by meteorological reasons. Fuzion would have the right for a re-jump in such a case, and the weather situation will probably not allow another round, a re-jump, or a jump-off. The final standings could be after Round 4 in 4-way Women if Fuzion were not able to make a re-jump. Then, at least, the judges would not have to deal with the tie-breaking complications...

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