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Did You Know...

... that Florida teams dominated the AA Class leaderboard last weekend?

Elsinore GT reunion...?
posted Jul 21st, 2014 - Last weekend's leaderboard is complete earlier than usual, as two of the six scheduled meets (Southern and Northwest Skydiving League) fell victim to expected bad weather conditions.

The AAA Class leaderboard experienced a very surprising addition on the very top, and the Sun Path Products NSL News is waiting for confirmation and more details of the sensational Elsinore GT reunion.

The AA Class leaderboard was dominated by teams of the Florida Skydiving League. The same Teiwaz lineup that collected Indoor Cloud League points for iFLY Orlando on Thursday night was obviously well prepared for the outdoor competition a few days later and claimed the highscores for all six rounds.

July 19th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA Class 4,K,1520,H,OC,J,L,NA,1,147,13M,Q,11TotalAvg
1Teiwaz AA (US)FSL9(-1)1316(-1)119127011.7
2TranZend (US)FSL5(-2)9(-1)8(-3)7810477.8
3Zoonte (CZ)INT91010673457.5
4SCZ FurtheranZe XP (US)FSL48(-1)10(-1)5(-2)79437.2
5Perris Liquid (US)SCSL489757406.7
6Purple HaZe (US)FSL4774(-1)67355.8
7Perris Franz (US)SCSL568266335.5
Teiwaz at the USPA Nationals 2000
Neither Teiwaz nor any other FSL teams and competitors have been able to practice the complete AA Class dive pool at iFLY Orlando. However, four of the eight AA Class blocks last weekend (7, 11, 14, 15) fit even into iFLY Orlando's 12-foot chamber, and the sequence of random formations in Round 3 was helpful for any tunnel experts.

The 11.7 average after six rounds would be competitive after ten rounds in the AA/Intermediate Class at the national championships. However, this Teiwaz lineup has no plans to compete at the USPA Nationals this year - so far...

This doesn't count for the teams from Skydive City in Zephyrhills. DZ operator TK Hayes is hosting four teams who are in training for the national championships in September. Three of them competed last weekend, while the 5th Z-Team, ZEUS, is not going to travel to Skydive Chicago this year. ZEUS is still recruiting for the open 4th slot.

Working with TranZend: Sally Hathaway
The competition behind Teiwaz was fierce. Czech AA Class team Zoonte had a strong start with three highscores, and TranZend impressed with highscores in the last three rounds and a new team record average. TranZend still lost a total of six points, and coach Sally Hathaway is working on getting the team ready for threatening the medal positions in September.

SDC FurtheranZe XP did not have a good meet, as player coach Bob Byrne reported, and his team had to accept TranZend taking the Z-Hills top spot last weekend. Purple HaZe finished with the best meet average of the 2014 season, as well.

One of the teams at Skydive Elsinore last weekend, Perris Liquid, shared one of the highscores behind Teiwaz with TranZend. More information from the west coast will follow very soon.

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