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Did You Know...

... that Florida added one single point to iFLY Orlando's ICL account last Thursday?

Florida's Indoor Cloud League group last Thursdat ay iFLY Orlando
posted Jul 20th, 2014 - The second part of the Florida Skydiving League's Tunnel Kicker in July did not turn out to add a lot of points to iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League account.

Only the slightly different AA Class lineup (Gilles Dutrisac, James Hall, Sebastian Jimenez, Kurt Gaebel) was able to improve the previous score of 24 points (Hall Spence, James Hall, Sebastian Jimenez, Kurt Gaebel) by one single point.

The Rookie AA Class lineup (Sarah Hernandez, Seth Claytor, Akio Flewelling, Keith Murray) was actually completing more formations within working time than DeLand Aurai earlier this month. However, too many infringements brought the score to a lower number, and DeLand Aurai is still scoring for iFLY Orlando in July.

Back in the flying chamber: Seth Claytor
The video of all ICL competition sequences at the iFLY Orlando session last Thursday shows Seth Claytor with the AA Class lineup that challenged DeLand Aurai's 19-pointer in the Rookie AA Class category.

Seth Claytor has joined Florida's Indoor Cloud League group at iFLY Orlando, even though he focuses on Freeflying this year. He trains to compete in the VFS 2-way competition of the USPA Nationals 2014 and is aiming at the top positions. He was back in the flying chamber for Freeflying training when the FSL Tunnel Kicker was over late at night.

DeLand Aurai is still responsible for the scores in the three Rookie Class categories, even though the team did not attend the FSL Tunnel Kicker last Thursday. Summer vacations and injuries of the other team members brought only Leslie Eggenberger back to iFLY Orlando's 12-foot flying chamber.

Teiwaz indoor and outdoor lineup at iFLY Orlando
Several flyers of the Florida Skydiving League group were also getting ready for the outdoor competition on the weekend. In fact, the complete AAA and AA Class lineup (Gilles Dutrisac, James Hall, James Prochaska, Kurt Gaebel) was competing for Teiwaz at the outdoor meet.

Three of the Teiwaz team members had earned their memberships at previous outdoor meets ((Gilles Dutrisac - Teiwaz #70, James Prochaska - Teiwaz #87, Kurt Gaebel - Teiwaz #4), while James Hall proudly received Teiwaz #98 after the outdoor competition in DeLand.

The complete A/AA Class lineup at the FSL Tunnel Kicker (Jon Agar, Keith Murray, John Stares, Rebecca Stares) was also competing last weekend - for different teams. Jon Agar, Keith Murray and John Stares are Zunday members, while Rebecca Stares trains and competes with TranZend. The TrenZunday combination did not manage to improve Florida's previous ICL scores in those categories.

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