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WTL News

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Did you know that Finland's Pro Team skipped the 25+ average level this month?
posted: Jun 22nd, 2019 Teams from Finland and Florida have posted several scores of the World Tunnel League's June competition earlier this month, and more results will follow soon from Florida and Northern California. Only teams from Finland have taken on the ten AAA Class sequences so far, at their meet on June 15th at the Fööni wind tunnel in Helsinki. Finland's participation at the World Tunnel league events, initiated and organized by Vesa Vuorenkoski, is showing great results. It was the first time that three Finnish AAA Class teams posted 20+ meet averages at the same competition. In fact, it was the first... (more)
Did you know that Skydive University Slovakia completed four 10-round meets within one month?
posted: Jan 18th, 2019 The exciting January competition of the World Tunnel League did not only feature the special family situations on the top of the leaderboard and the battle of the female 4-way generations in the Czech Republic. The AAA Class field alone had even more to offer in the middle of the leaderboard. Pro Team and HF Flying Circus were separated by only two points for the AAA top spot. However, another 2-point thriller also took place between the Skydive University team from Slovakia, who visited the Hurricane Factory in Prague for the January competition, and Blackjack at the Fööni wind tunnel in... (more)
Did you know that Tempo is the most improved AAA Class team in Finland?
posted: Jan 14th, 2019 Finland joined the World Tunnel League with the first 10-round indoor competition at the Fööni wind tunnel in Helsinki in September last year, and the NSL News covered the event live with several updates. League organizer and Blackjack member Vesa Vuorenkoski was planning to follow up with more meets on a regular basis, and he hosted the next indoor competition at the same place last weekend. The January meet of the Finnish Tunnel League was one of the three events that launched the 2019 competition season. Nine of the eleven teams in September were back for the January meet, and one... (more)
Did you know that there was a battle for the 2nd place at the WTL meet in Helsinki?
posted: Oct 4th, 2018 The AAA Class competition at the first meet of the Finnish Tunnel League at the Fööni wind tunnel in Helsinki did not offer a battle for the 1st place. The Pro Team ran away from the field, as the NSL News reported on earlier this week. However, a great battle took place right behind the Finnish indoor and outdoor 4-way champions, who have started their 2-year plan for the next FAI World Meet 2020 in Tanay, Russia. The AAA Class leaderboard is showing that three teams finished within ten points and shared the highscores between each other: Blackjack, Tempo and Telakka. None of the three... (more)
Did you know that the Pro Team will be back at a world meet in two years?
posted: Oct 2nd, 2018 The first meet of the Finnish Tunnel League eventually attracted more teams to the Fööni wind tunnel in Helsinki than to the Finnish Indoor Nationals 2018 in February at the other wind tunnel in Finland, Sirius in Pyhtää. Seven of the eight teams at the national championships were back in Helsinki last weekend, and four additional teams made it an 11-team field stretched out over all four NSL categories. Tempo and Tahma moved up into the AAA Class and joined the Pro Team, Blackjack and Telakka in this category. It was the first indoor competition in the AAA Class for both teams, and Tempo... (more)
Did you know that the new Finnish Tunnel League celebrates a successful beginning?
posted: Sep 29th, 2018 The Fööni wind tunnel in Helsinki, Finland, was opened just a week ago and hosted the first meet of the Finnish Tunnel League on Saturday, which is a new part of the World Tunnel League network. Eleven Finnish teams made their way to Finland's capital city to be a part of the inaugural event at a first-class facility. Vesa Vuorenkoski, member of the Blackjack 4-way team, organized the event and the league and plans to run WTL meets on a regular basis. The ten rounds of the first WTL competition were all completed on Saturday, while the normal wind tunnel operation continued with numbers... (more)
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