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News Associated With This Event

Did you know that Perris Force and Phoenix XP will battle again with new lineups in 4-way Women?
posted: Feb 17th, 2019 The NSL New reported recently that the U.S. national team in 4-way Women at the FAI World Meet 2018, Phoenix XP, is back with a new lineup and a new 2-year plan. The same update mentioned briefly that... (more)
Did you know that Jeremie Rollet added two variations to the Qatar Falcons' exit options?
posted: Feb 15th, 2019 The NSL News has visited Skydive City a few times in the past years when the Qatar Falcons 8-way team visited Florida for winter and spring training camps. Then it was the update on 14 December 2018... (more)
Did you know that SDC Rhythm XP has a long term plan with the current lineup?
posted: Nov 30th, 2018 SDC Rhythm XP has not been making the NSL News headlines much since the USPA Nationals 2018. It was a difficult year for the world class team that has been performing in the shadow of the Arizona Airspeed... (more)
Did you know that the new Paraclete XP 8-way team has started the 2018/2019 training?
posted: Nov 14th, 2018 SDC Rhythm XP's bad luck began before the best U.S. 4-way team behind Arizona Airspeed competed at the USPA Nationals 2018, while ISR FireFlash still had the complete lineup at the national championships... (more)
Did you know that Paraclete XP8 plan for a serious challenge of the U.S. top spot in 8-way?
posted: Nov 10th, 2018 The recent NSL News update on the current situation of the Golden Knights on 7 November mentioned that there will be serious competition for the U.S. Army team next year. An earlier update after the 8-way... (more)
Did you know that the Golden Knights have five new members in the active lineup?
posted: Nov 7th, 2018 The NSL News mentioned a few times in the aftermath of the FAI World Meet 2018 that the Golden Knights are facing significant changes in the lineup and promised to follow up with more details. New captain... (more)