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Scores for Indoor Cloud League 12+ Chamber Meet on Jul 1st, 2012

Jul 1st, 2012
Rank July K,6,11 D,C,7 A,B,9 E,B,J M,F,H M,O Total
1 iFLY Seattle  US  T12 11 14 21 11 27 26 110
2 iFLY Orlando  US  T12 15 18 11 12 18 10 84

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that the FSL/iFLY Orlando team launched an indoor project with 84 points?
posted: Jul 6th, 2012 July's FSL Tunnel Kicker took place Tuesday night at iFLY Orlando and included a special event this time. The NSL News mentioned earlier that teams and competitors of the Northwest Skydiving League... (more)
Did you know that the FSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Orlando keeps growing?
posted: Dec 11th, 2011 The number of participants grew once again at the next "FSL Tunnel Kicker" on December 6th at iFLY Orlando. The last open event in October had the highest attendance since iFLY Orlando and Florida Skydiving... (more)
Did you know that Florida teams trained at iFLY Orlando for the NSL Championship 2011?
posted: Nov 9th, 2011 The Florida Skydiving League and iFLY Orlando held the next FSL Tunnel Kicker last night at the longest standing windtunnel in Orlando. This time, the camp had a different purpose after the previous events... (more)
Did you know that the 4th FSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Orlando had record participation?
posted: Oct 6th, 2011 The NSL News reviewed the long history of the relationship between the Florida Skydiving League and the iFLY/SkyVenture windtunnel in Orlando with the story on 26 August 2011. The same story covered the... (more)
Did you know that iFLY Orlando's monthly FSL Tunnel Kicker keeps growing?
posted: Sep 10th, 2011 The NSL News reported on 26 August 2011 that iFLY Orlando hosted the second "FSL Tunnel Kicker", a promotional event for the FSL community. The first event was held in July, followed by the reported one... (more)
Did you know that iFLY Orlando regularly supports the FSL 4way community?
posted: Aug 26th, 2011 The Florida Skydiving League community has been treated to a very generous sponsorship this year. iFLY Orlando agreed to help the Florida Skydiving League with a promotional recruiting campaign. The "FSL... (more)