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Did You Know...

... that iFLY Orlando regularly supports the FSL 4way community?

iFLY Orlando
posted Aug 26th, 2011 - The Florida Skydiving League community has been treated to a very generous sponsorship this year. iFLY Orlando agreed to help the Florida Skydiving League with a promotional recruiting campaign. The "FSL Tunnel Kicker" has taken place two times so far and will continue for the remainder of the year.

The FSL management has invited potential FSL teams and competitors to visit iFLY Orlando once per month on a weekday evening and learn more about Formation Skydiving skills and 4way competition. It's a free feature, as iFLY provides the flying time to the FSL management who forwards it without any fees directly to the participants.

Teiwaz members and other experienced coaches volunteer their time and provide free coaching and guidance. It has been a very successful and fun event so far.

Coach Rodney Cruce with Michael Hare
The first FSL Tunnel Kicker took place on July 5th and was followed by a 2on2 tunnel camp on the weekend. Participants who were inspired at the free event had the opportunity to learn more in a professional training environment with more flying time. The NSL used to run tunnel camps on a regular basis years ago.

Rodney Cruce, Sally Hathaway, Ari Perelman and Ron Hill were coaching the eight tunnel campers in July. The second FSL Tunnel Kicker took place last week and atttracted several new belly flyers to the event. Rodney Cruce, Bob Byrne and Kurt Gaebel organized the flyers and provided the free coaching.

The next FSL Tunnel Kicker is scheduled for September 6th, and a tunnel camp will follow later in September.

Orlando tunnel instructor Eliana Rodriguez
The National Skydiving League was actually launched at the same time when the windtunnel in Orlando was built and opened in 1998. NSL and SkyVenture developed a close cooperation from the very beginning, which turned out to be very successful on both sides.

SkyVenture Orlando was the first vertical windtunnel that was really used for skydiving training, and it helped immensely to increase the performance level. Teams and individuals visited Orlando from all parts of the world until SkyVenture began to build similar windtunnels everywhere. SkyVenture Orlando produced many talented skydivers who eventually became top competitors and even world champions. Eliana Rodriguez and Thomas Hughes are the best examples who both started in Orlando.

SkyVenture Orlando has turned into iFLY Orlando, and the new management supports the Florida Skydiving League once again. More events are to come this year, and the FSL 4way community welcomes new skydivers to test the environment and join the fun.

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