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Skydive California

Skydive California
Schedule of Events | See all Skydive California events
league discipline title date venue
N.California FS4 Meet 1 Jun 17th, 2023 Skydive California

General Information: Skydive California is home to some of the top talent in the skydiving world and is a premier member of the USPA. We also enjoy a year-round operation with both a Caravan and a Cessna that take off and land at our private airstrip. We have green grass in our great big landing area. We have plenty of space for you and your nylon in our covered packing area and many other amenities to satisfy all of your skydiving needs.

Home Team(s): Skydive California

Regular Aircraft: Caravan and Cessna 206

On-Site Services: Gear Sales / Rentals, Rigging Services, Videographers, Organizers

Venue Website: http://www.skydivecal.com       Venue Email: info@skydivecal.com

Location:25001 Kasson Road • Tracy, CA • 95304 • USA

Most Recent Scores at this venue | See all scores
Sep 7th, 2019
1 Total Avg
Rank AA Class 13,1 Total Avg
1 SDCA AA Team  US  NCSL 4 4 4.0
2 Nacho Team  US  NCSL 3 3 3.0
Rank A Class L,J,Q Total Avg
1 No Rush  US  NCSL 1 1 1.0
Rank Rookie L,J,Q Total Avg
- SDCA Rookie Team  US  NCSL 0 0 0.0