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226 Pecan Street
Deland FL 32724
tel: (386) 801-0804

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Skydive Elsinore

Skydive Elsinore

Schedule of Events | See all Skydive Elsinore events
league discipline title date venue
S.California FS4 Meet 1 Jul 8th, 2023 Skydive Elsinore
FS4 USPA National Collegiate Championship Dec 28th, 2023 - Jan 2nd, 2024 Skydive Elsinore

General Information: Experienced jumpers at Skydive Elsinore find all the comforts of a friendly hometown DZ combined with the facilities of one of the largest Dropzones in the country. Two Super Otters, abundant load organizers, a fully functional bunkhouse, covered packing area and three skill-specific landing areas help to make Skydive Elsinore a first class skydiving destination. Combine that with the friendliest staff, great weather year round, loads of sponsored events and close proximity to major Southern California tourist destinations. You just can't find a nicer place to spend your skydiving vacation!

Home Team(s): Elsinore 4 Quest, Elsinore 4-Cast, Elsinore Adrenaline, Elsinore Alloy, Elsinore BTE, Elsinore Eclipse, Elsinore Enigma, Elsinore Equinox, Elsinore Equinox, Elsinore Fury, Elsinore Fuse, Elsinore GT, Elsinore Matrix, Elsinore Matrix 8, Elsinore Momentum, Elsinore Satori, Elsinore Stratos 4, Elsinore Tent Trash, Elsinore Un4Given, I Need Air, Main Street Jambalaya

Regular Aircraft: Twinotters, Cessna Caravan

On-Site Services: Gear Sales / Rentals, Rigging Services, Videographers, Organizers, Food, Bunkhouse, Camping, Showers, RV Hookups

Venue Website: http://www.skydiveelsinore.com/index.html       Venue Email: skydive@skydiveelsinore.com

Location:20701 Cereal Street • Lake Elsinore, CA • 92530 • USA

Most Recent Scores at this venue | See all scores
Jul 8th, 2023
1 2 3 4 5 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class G,M,22,7 D,21,3 E,16,11 K,8,A,18 P,1,H,13 Total Avg
1 Meaningful Friendship  US  SCSL 8    9    1 -1 8    11    37 7.4
Rank AA Class G,M,22 D,21,7 E,11,18 K,8,A P,1,H Total Avg
1 Stuck Toggle  US  SCSL 4    2    4    5    5    20 4.0
Rank A Class G,M,7 D,21 E,A,J K,8 P,6 Total Avg
1 Murder Kitties  US  SCSL 7    3    6    3    4    23 4.6
2 Phoenix Pheathers  US  SCSL 5    1    5    1    6    18 3.6
3 Saltern's Saltines  US  SCSL 1    1    2    1    2    7 1.4