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Did You Know...

... that Pulse videos show a top contender for this year's AA Class medals?

posted Oct 6th, 2006 - NSL-TV uploaded the second round of the NSL Playoffs 2006 events yesterday. The headline introduced the story with the fact that "NSL-TV presents round two's highscores in each competition class". The story also mentioned team Pulse of the Ranch Skydiving League. Pulse had tied the highscore of round two, as well, but the video was not available by then.
Pulse's round one at the NSL Playoffs 2006 event at the Ranch - see video
It took only a day until the team provided the video of the jump and also some additional team information. In addition, round one of the same competition has also been uploaded and is available for viewings. In fact, the first round of the NSL Playoffs 2006 was actually the better round for Pulse. The RSL team won the meet opener by two points.

It was a good time to learn more about Pulse. The scores of the playoffs weekend had moved the team to the very top of the AA Class Rankings in the USA. However, the team page had only offered the scores at the four competitions of the Ranch Skydiving League 2006 season. Additional team information has now been added.

Pulse's's round two at the NSL Playoffs 2006 event at the Ranch - see video
Pulse consists of of Brian Ball (Tail), Roger Cunha (Point), Dimitri Kavour (Inside Center), Bob Schuyler (Outside Center) and Mike Shatalov (Video). The RSL team did not catch much attention at the first two meets of the Ranch Skydiving League in May (6.8) and July (9.5), even though the progression was already impressive by then.

The Ranch Skydiving League had quietly resumed the 4-way competition activities this year. Christine Kelley picked up the ball early this year after a very quiet 2004 season and a hibernation in 2005. It was a great comeback with several teams competing at each meet of the regular season and good competition on a high performance level.

RSL team Pulse
Pulse benefitted from the re-activated league business at the Ranch. The third RSL meet in August was a continuation of the team's charge toward the top of the leaderboards and the AA Class Rankings. The 12.5 meet average was only topped by the British team Bodyflight Storm on August 19.

The 6-round meet of the Ranch event on the NSL Playoffs 2006 weekend was the peak of the 2006 season for Pulse so far. The 12.7 average was another new team record, and it improved the season average to 11.6 counting the best three meets. Pulse took away the first place in the AA Class Rankings from Air Force Shockwave (11.2) from Colorado.

SkyQuest 2006
The USPA Nationals 2006 and the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2006 are the two last major events of the 2006 season. The two leaders of the AA Class Rankings might get to the first direct confrontation either in Eloy in October or in DeLand in November. Air Force Shockwave has already confirmed the travel plans to Florida.

The first place at USPA's Intermediate Class competition in 2005 required a 13.0 average (Elsinore Equinox), and each set of medals went to teams above 12.0 average. Pulse and AF Shockwave both seem to be ready to prove as the top contenders for medal positions at both events.

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