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Did You Know...

... that round three in the 4-way Open went to Italy's Sinapsi PD?

DeLand Majik's scoresheet for round three
posted Sep 18th, 2004 - DeLand Majik's streak of flawless performance ended in round three. The leader on the scoreboard in Rijeka completed 21 points within working time and received a score of 17 points for the same round. A rough finish of Block 19 (Ritz - Icepick) was not accepted by three of the five judges (2,3,4) and caused the first penalty.

A different 3-2 combination of judges (1,2,4) also decided that the inter from the Icepick to the Hook was incorrect. Two judges called both infringements, two judges called only one of the two situations, and one judge did not see any infringements.

France Maubeuge's scoresheet for round three
The damage for DeLand Majik was reduced by two points just one minute later when France Maubeuge was busted at exactly the same situation with a 3-2 decision for the same flaw at the finish of Block 19. France might have run into the same additional penalty in the inter to the Hook, as one of the judges indicated. However, time ran out early enough for France to receive only a two-point deduction.

Finally, Sinapsi PD had shown earlier the best and cleanest round and was rewarded with the much deserved 20-point highscore for round three, followed by the Russian Sky Panthers with 19 points. The Majiik lead was reduced to one point, and the rest of the day was reserved for the opening ceremony.

Opening ceremony Saturday evening
The 4-way Open competition includes several exciting races. DeLand Majik and France Maubeuge battle for the gold as expected, as much as Italy and Russia work on the medals for the third place. Belgium and Germany go neck-to-neck for the fifth place and the "amateur title".

It was an amazing day in Rijeka. The situation went from the worst worries on Friday to a perfect meet situation on Saturday. All worries are gone, the vibes are great, competition has been exciting, and the weather is beautiful. 8-way competition will be on tomorrow morning.

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