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Did You Know...

... that FSC Wind Damaged has found a promising 2006 line-up?

posted Apr 22nd, 2006 - Round three of the Florida Skydiving League April meet in Lake Wales brought the unusual and rare situation where the sequence of the AA/Intermediate Class is slower compared to the AAA/Open Class. Block 5 (Opal - Opal), one of the fastest blocks in the AAA/Open Class dive pool, causes a mirror imaged sequence or memory and had to be replaced for the AA/Intermediate Class draw.

Block 8 (Canadian T - Canadian T) was drawn as the substitute block and is a slow block for any team in any competition class. As a result of this situation, the teams in the AAA/Open Class had a 5-point sequence with two of the faster blocks (9-P-5) and memory or mirror image, while the AA/Intermediate Class teams had a slower 5-point sequence (9-P-8) that went back to the original top of the page.

FSC Wind Damaged's round three at the April meet of the Florida Skydiving League - see video
In fact, the sequence of round three was the fastest one of the whole meet for the AAA/Open Class teams, and each of the four teams posted the highest score of the meet in this round.

FSC Wind Damaged was the only team that competed in the AA/Intermediate Class that weekend since no other league had scheduled a competition on the same date. It was interesting to see that the slower sequence did not stop the Lake Wales home team from posting the highest score of the meet, as well.

FSC Wind Damaged 2006
The FSC 9-pointer in round three matched the score of the previous round with a shorter and significantly faster sequence (2-C-L). FSC Wind Damaged 2006 performed very consistently that weekend and seems to find a good rhythm with the new line-up.

FSC 2005 members Mike Green (Center Outside), Joel Kmetz (Center Inside) and Martin McKerrell (Point) began looking for a full member at the end of the 2005 season after a few years with player coach Bruce Robertson. They found Mario Luppa who has filled the tail slot in the first two meets of the 2006 season and seems to fit well for the team.

FSC Wind Damaged also recruited a new team videographer, and Jerry Whitledge filmed the team for the first time at the April meet in Lake Wales. He received some valuable feedback during the meet from event judge Pete Allum that he will be able to use for his team engagement.

ZT Mal4mation in round three
FSC Wind Damaged finished the April meet with an 8.2 meet average, which is already higher than the scores at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006 in March (7.8 average). This year's FSC line-up without a player coach has started the 2006 season already on the same performance level as in 2005, as the 2005 meet results (8.2 - 7.8 - 9.3 - 7.5 - 8.3 - 9.2 - 8.7) show. There is a good chance that FSC Wind Damaged will eventually reach the 10.0 benchmark average this year.

All three Florida Skydiving League 2005 champion teams competed at the April meet in Lake Wales. FSC Wind Damaged was the winner of the AA/Intermediate Class in Florida, Teiwaz represented the FSL in the AAA/Open Class at SkyQuest 2005, and ZT Mal4mations competed under the name Zero Tolerance Miami in 2005.

The team from Skydive Miami decided to change the name for the 2006 season, and Zero Tolerance (ZT) still remains in the new team name in memory of previous years and line-ups. The new team name must have a serious origin since ZT Mal4mations came up with its own version of the Random Formation P (Side Body) in round three. The team members don't take the scores too serious and accepted the point deduction as an honor to the new team name. However, they also insisted that this mal-formation was not planned in advance...

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