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Did You Know...

... that Arizona Divewerkz posted a new team record in round three?

posted Apr 21st, 2006 - It becomes more and more difficult for NSL News and NSL-TV to keep up with the pace of the league. Scores, information, photos, videos keep coming in at the NSL headquarters. The coverage of a meet weekend can hardly be completed before the next meet weekend begins. And this is only the beginning of the season.

Only NSL News and NSL-TV together makes already for a full-time job, and the NSL headquarters is still only a 1-person operation. Lack of resources does not allow the NSL to hire staff. However, there are little things that can still help a lot to provide more information for the NSL audience.

Elsinore Select's round three at the second SSL meet of the 2006 season - see video
The NSL News encourages league directors and supporters, teams, competitors and other contributors to write complete stories, which require only little editing before they can be posted at the NSL website. The NSL will very soon begin with a membership campaign, as well, which could help to create the funding for additional staff.

NSL-TV now continues with the Southwest Skydiving League April meet in Eloy. Round three has been uploaded and is available for viewings. The four teams in the AAA/Open Class competition posted four different scores. However, a better look at the penalty situation shows that the teams were once again closer than the scores reflect in this round.

Arizona Divewerkz' round three at the second SSL meet of the 2006 season - see video
Elsinore Gravity and Thunder both completed 26 points within working time, but the Elsinore team lost one point in the judging room. This infringement finally separated both SSL top contenders for the first time. Gravity and Thunder had tied their scores in the first two rounds, and they ended up separated by only one point at the end of the meet. However, there would be no more tied scores for the remainder of the meet between these two teams. The battle went back and forth round by round.

The situation was almost identical between Elsinore Select and Arizona Divewerkz, at least in this round. Both teams completed 21 points within working time, and Select gave up two points after two infringements. However, Arizona Divewerkz impressed teams and observers once again with the performance in this round and with the score.

Arizona Divewerkz 2006
This year is the first season for AZDW in the AAA/Open Class competition with the whole dive pool, and the team has also a new member in the Tail slot, Cindy Nieves. AZDW does not seem to lack the confidence it takes to go after AAA Class points, as the performance in round three shows.

Arizona Divewerkz with Murel Addison (Outside Center), Blane Boynton (Point) and Cindy Nieves (Tail), was driven to a very aggressive and energetic performance by the team's engine, Annie Peterson. AZDW also had its own and different engineering compared to the three other teams in the AAA/Open Class competition.

It worked out in round three, and it was probably helpful that the sequence was not technically very challenging. AZDW was able to keep up with the pace of Elsinore Select, and the 21-pointer is a new team record for the bronze medalist of last year's USPA Nationals in the AA/Intermediate Class. Congratulations from the NSL headquarters to Arizona.

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