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Did You Know...

... that VRW 4-way has now been integrated into the NSL network?

VRW at the NSL website
posted Apr 23rd, 2006 - The NSL News on March 6 mentioned that 4-way Vertical Relative Work was presented at USPA's BOD winter meeting by Eric Deren. The VRW organizer had already suggested earlier that VRW becomes a part of the NSL network, as well.

The NSL News story on March 26 followed up with new information, and the update included the scores of the first VRW competition of the 2006 season, which was a part of the Georgia Skydiving League season opener at the Roaming DZ in Dublin, Georgia.

VRW team Mandrin
In the meantime, the VRW 4-way event has finally been added to the NSL network. It appears as its own separate league at the moment, and the first two competitions have already taken place. The first meet was the competition in Georgia, the second event was held on April 15 in Perris.

The NSL News now goes back to the VRW 4-way meet in March. The meet story was provided by GSL Director Doug Glover and Eric Deren. Hopefully, more meet stories, VRW updates, photos and NSL-TV footage will be available soon.

VRW team Elsinore Eclipse

VRW 4-way March Meet

Three VRW and four FS 4-way teams entered the competition and competed out of a Grand Caravan. Team Mandrin took the 1st place in the VRW 4-way event, Sebastian 5 finished in 2nd place, and the 3rd place went to the Spades. This regional VRW event was completed after five rounds, and the placing teams received medals.

Just as in 4-way Formation Skydiving competition all of the dives were generated automatically the night before by using the dive generator of the Vertical Relative Work league.

VRW team No Name
Get your team ready and come out to the Perris Valley competition on April 15-16. Registration fee is $135.00 per person and includes the five competition jumps. The event will be held on the 15th with the 16th as the rain date.

If you can't make it all the way to California, then be sure not to miss the Online Fax Meet being held June 24th & 25th. You will be able to compete against teams half way around the world from your home DZ with your block jumps!

VRW team Sebastian 5
Still working on your VRW skills? Good news, so far two VRW skills camps have been added to the calendar. June 9-11 at Jumptown in Orange, MA, featuring Dave Brown and Brian Buckland, and the second on July 8-9 at Skydive Tecumseh in Michigan, featuring Sporto, Eric Deren and Kyle Starck.

Again, check the VRW website for details. If you are excited about VRW but don't have a team put together - come on out to work on your skills, as well as network to help build a team. Hope to see you soon on the '06 VRW competition circuit.

The VRW 4-way team

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