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Did You Know...

... that the original lineup pulled in members of all Airspeed generations at the end of the day?

Silver medals in the Advanced Class: Start 4
posted Nov 1st, 2011 - The NSL News mentioned earlier that the 4way event was not even over when the Open Class teams had made peace with each other after an incredible battle for the silver and bronze medals. Both other competition classes needed a jumpoff round to split the tie for the second place in the Advanced Class and for the 1st place in the Intermediate Class.

The last NSL Reality TV clip features the live judging of Round 10 in the Open Class and the reaction of the audience. It is always an exciting atmosphere, and in this case the stakes were really high.

Shortly afterwards things settled down, even though the SDC Rhythm XP members had a hard pill to swallow. Also, the battle was not over yet in the Golden Knights headquarters. The female lineup finished three points right ahead of the Black lineup, which is impressive enough. The guys agreed to buy dinner for the gals, however, they still argued some video calls. The ladies lost one point out the door, while the Black team had four video deductions. NSL TV turned off the camera when the argument became too violent...

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Original Airspeed lineup on Tuesday evening
NSL Reality TV also covered the last minutes before the two Advanced Class teams left for the boarding area and the jumpoff round. Skydive TV gave this final showdown attention, as well, as the video shows. Start 4 and Fallout were both one single point behind Spaceland Lite after ten rounds. What a finish...

It was the same in the Intermediate Class competition where the first three teams were also separated by one single point. The NSL News will follow up with more information and the battle videos in both categories later.

Last not least, it was time to see what the Open Class winners were doing. Skydive Arizona is currently crowded with former and current Airspeed members from all over the planet. Many of them gathered at the deck of the Bent Prop by the end of the day. In the middle of them was the original lineup talking about the good old days: Jack Jefferies, Dan BC, Kirk Verner, Mark Kirkby - who started the project over 15 years ago....

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