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Did You Know...

... that the 4way meets ended after drama and jumpoffs?

Dramatic finishes for the live audience
posted Nov 1st, 2011 - What a different day it was for SDC Rhythm XP. It was painful to watch how the 4way veterans of the Golden Knights and Perris Fury took brutally advantage of the nervous young team who did not really know what the second day of the competition would bring to them.

There would be pressure, a lot of it, and no doubt about it. Rhythm had never been in a situation like that. Everything went almost perfectly on Monday, it was almost too good to be true. Maybe it was. Fact is that something happened after Round 8 that will get a lot of Rhythm's attention in the aftermath.

It was not only Rhythm stumbling when it mattered the most. Perris Fury also woke up at the right time, and the Golden Knights never fell far behind Rhythm anyway. The pressure of the second day even grew when the US Army team was suddenly one point ahead after Round 9. What now?

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Start 4 and Fallout on the way to the jumpoff round
Thomas Hughes had explained the situation after Round 10 before the judging began. Then the NSL TV camera had followed the top teams while they were getting ready for the last round and waited until they were landing. Arizona Airspeed celebrated the victory and the first national 4way gold medals for three of the members. The other three contenders for the two sets of medals had no clue about the final outcome. They only knew that it would be tight and began to study the jumpoff sequence. The rest is history and can be seen on the leaderboard.

There was almost the same excitement and incredibly close races in the Advanced and Intermediate Class competitions. Start 4 and Fallout were tied in 2nd place in the Advanced Class and went up for another round that Start won by two points (14 - 12).

It was even closer in the Intermediate Class where T-Minus-01 and Dallas Khaos XP were tied in 1st place. T-Minus-01 won this jumpoff round by one point (24 - 23). The NSL News will follow up on those categories later. The 8way competition has already begun, which is quite unusual for USPA Nationals.

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