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Did You Know...

... that Eric Heinsheimer still owns the 8way world records from 1997?

Sky Panthers Barkli prepare for a round
posted Nov 2nd, 2011 - The scores for Round 3 in the 8way Open Class have been posted, and the Golden Knights extended the lead over Sky Panthers Barkli to six points.

Yesterday's first two rounds were not the greatest start for the 8way lineup of the Golden Knights after a silver medal in 4way and an impressive performance by the female lineup. Round 1 had a potential world record sequence, and a serious flaw did not let the Golden Knights get even close to the needed 32-pointer.

It did not get much better in Round 2 when the guests from Russia outscored the US Army team by a point (24 - 23). It was the first round that Russia won over the Golden Knights this year. Both teams competed with exactly the same lineups at the World Cup 2011 where Sky Panthers Barkli could not even tie any of the rounds. That was enough, and the Golden Knights came back with new energy this morning to take Round 3 easily.

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Golden Knights land from Round 3
Judge Eric Heinsheimer watched Round 1 in 8way probably more carefully than anybody else. He still holds the 8way world record of 31 points that his lineup of the Golden Knights posted at the World Meet 1997 in Turkey. The NSL News asked him a few questions on Wednesday morning.

The French 8way team of 2008 came very close to the world record and the highest average when they visited the USPA Nationals 2008 in Eloy. They posted a 30-pointer in Round 8 (D,G,1,N) and finished with a 22.2 average. The Golden Knights had a 22.4 average after ten rounds in 1997, and both records barely survived the French challenge.

Aerodyne Maubeuge, Golden Knights and Sky Panthers Barkli had the last opportunity in Round 7 (1,4,E) at the World Cup with an arguably even faster sequence. France came closest with a 29-pointer. Yesterday's Round 1 was the next opportunity, but Eric Heinsheimer still has the record. He might be judging the meet where his own record will eventually be broken. Who knows when and where?

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