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Did You Know...

... that Thomas Hughes explained the situation before the judging of Round 10?

Arizona Airspeed after Round 10
posted Nov 1st, 2011 - Here is a quick update from the USPA Nationals 2011 after Round 10 in the 4way Open Class competition. It has become complicated and extremely exciting on the top of the leaderboard. Arizona Airspeed is the winner, of course, but everything else is open.

It began already after Round 9 when SDC Rhythm XP lost the 2nd place to the Golden Knights and Perris Fury caught up, as well. Round 10 has a very fast sequence too, which offers the potential to change everything around again in the battle for the silver and bronze medals. The Golden Knights had a decent Round 10, as Kurt Isenbarger said. Rob Radez said it was rocky on the SDC Rhythm XP side.

Thomas Hughes explained the situation for the NSL News audience before the judging of Round 10 began.

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