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Did You Know...

... that the Shamrock videos of Round 10 come with the penalty leaderboard?

NSL News live at Bodyflight Bedford
posted Mar 31st, 2011 - The NSL News has arrived at Bodyflight Bedford and sets up for the live coverage of the World Challenge 2011. In the meantime, the new 2011 database has been added to the NSL Archives, which will now allow updates of the 2011 Calendar of Events with all meet dates. However, this task will have to wait until after the World Challenge.

Also, the Shamrock Showdown 2011 videos of Round 10 have been uploaded and can be reviewed before the World Challenge begins on Saturday morning.

Round 10 brought a happy end for NMP-PCH Hayabusa. The Belgian team was not able to keep up with Arizona Airspeed in DeLand and ended up in 3rd place behind Aerodyne Aerokart Maubeuge. However, Hayabusa tied Airspeed's score for a round the first time in Round 10 after a 1-point deduction, while Airspeed was clean.

Launching the NPSL in 2001: Nick and Sandy Grillet
The Northern Plains Skydiving League had a change of leadership this year. Sandy Grillet, father of Arizona Airspeed's alternate Nick Grillet, launched the league from scratch in 2001 and has guided it like a godfather for ten years. He helped to ceate a strong following of passionate and casual 4-way competitors in the Northern Plains area and participated himself actively all the time.

It was somehow shocking for the NSL headquarters when he said that he would not be able to continue with his efforts this year. He left NPSL Director shoes of a very large size, and it was unclear who would be able to step in and fill the slot. The NPSL community was willing to help and support the successor, but nobody signed up for the job for a while.

Then Mike Betz, a new skydiver and young competitor, contacted the NSL and offered his help. He had only a total of 42 jumps in January 2011 and was actually asking for information how to put a Rookie Class team together. The conversation soon turned into discussing the situation of the NPSL this year, and Mike Betz eventually took Sandy Grillet's NPSL ball and ran with it. The NPSL community and Sandy Grillet helped him to collect as much information as possible, and result was a very successful season opener with nine teams last weekend. Mike Betz also provided the first meet report this year.

Rain hold at Skydive Twin Cities

NPSL 2011 - June Meet

Our first NPSL meet of 2011 is in the books. Brianne Thompson, our VIP coach for the weekend, got in on Friday evening and started coaching right away by helping teams dirtdive for the morning. Friday evening, Brianne also got her first exposure to cheese curds.

For those not from the upper Midwest, cheese curds happen when you take the most fattening part of dairy cream and deep fry it. Did you know that clinical research has proven that cheese curds are the number one reason there aren't more vegans...? Thank god for cheese curds. It still doesn't explain why they are so weird (vegans, not cheese curds)...

Some teams tried to start the meet at 6 AM on Saturday to get ahead of the tandem crowds, only to be foiled by a brief airplane issue, that one guy who slept in, and an ensuing rain hold. Who knew you could hold a wing on a plane with duct tape?! Storms were all around the area, but we stuck it out and all but one team were able to complete four rounds before the beer light came on.

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