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Did You Know...

... that SDC Rhythm XP is catching up with the US medal contenders?

Opening ceremony at the World Challenge 2010
posted Mar 30th, 2011 - NSL-TV may just be able to complete the coverage of the Shamrock Showdown 2011 before the World Challenge 2011 begins with Round 1 on Saturday morning.

All videos of Round 9 have been uploaded and are available for reviews now. The travel from DeLand to Bodyflight Bedford will make it more difficult to upload the videos of Round 10 timely. However, the NSL News will try to get it done before new videos from Bedford will be next.

The coverage begins earlier, not only Saturday morning. Teams are arriving and training, and there is always more than enough action to keep the NSL News busy. Two of the four teams of today's Shamrock Round 9 story will also be competing at the World Challenge 2011, SDC Rhythm XP and Aerodyne Cypres, the Deep Blue Defenders.

Shamrock Showdown 2011Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassN,H,3,1J,4,C,137,17,19B,20,1512,22,MF,18,2E,16,9G,8,21P,A,11,1410,Q,D,LTotalAvg
4Paraclete XP418 21 20 19 16 20 24 18 23 20 19919.9
5DeLand Norgies21 19 20 20 15 18 25 19 20 21 19819.8
6SDC Rhythm XP18 19 20 21 15 18 24 19 20 23 19719.7
7Aerodyne Cypres18 18 19 19 13 18 22 19 21 23 19019.0
4th place after 10-round battle: Paraclete XP4
Only SDC Rhythm XP was actually a part of the most exciting battle of the Shamrock Showdown 2011. Paraclete XP4, DeLand Norgies and Rhythm battled it out for the 4th place and were separated by only two points after ten rounds.

The French female lineup joined this race too late. In fact, the Deep Blue Defenders outscored the other three teams in the last three rounds but had already lost too much ground in the earlier rounds and had to accept the 7th place.

The Norgies took the 4th place in the first round and hung on to it through Round 8 after all three teams had exchanged blows round by round. Paraclete XP4 peak performed in Round 9. The 23-pointer was only one point behind Airspeed's and the French highscore for the round and secured the 4th place despite a slower Round 10 for XP4.

DeLand Norgies and SDC Rhythm XP at the Shamrock Showdown
SDC Rhythm XP won Round 10 between the three contenders for the 4th place and had the perfect finish of the meet. Rhythm had quietly kept close to the Norgies and XP4, while those two teams battled it out round by round and caught most of the attention.

XP4 won four rounds and tied the highscore between the contenders for the 4th place once. The Norgies had two sole highscores and tied two other rounds. Rhythm won Round 4 and tied three rounds with the highscorer. The Deep Blue Defenders tied the highscore of this 4-some two times in the last three rounds.

Rhythm's plan for the 2011 season is a medal at the USPA Nationals, which required the team to catch up with Paraclete XP4 and the Golden Knights. The first step seems to be done, as Rhythm ended up only two points behind XP4, closer than ever before. The Golden Knights were not able to make it to the Shamrock Showdown, and Rhythm has to wait for another opportunity to meet the US Army team. The race between XP4 and Rhythm will continue, but not in Bedford this year.

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