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Did You Know...

... that Dallas Valkyrie was back with Indoor Cloud League scores for June?

Last complete ICL team at iFLY Dallas before the pandemic in 2019
posted Jul 5th, 2022 - The three Indoor Cloud League teams who came back in January 2022 after the compromised two years of restrictions and limitations due to the corona virus crisis have not missed a month yet this year.

Kyle Hermberg's ICL team at iFLY Dallas finished in the top spot of the 2021 leaderboard after submitting scores and videos for all 12 months and finishing with a new record total for a complete ICL year. All other participating teams missed monthly scores at different times in 2021 and could not contend for the top spot.

It had been a similar situation in 2020 when iFLY Dallas missed six months of Indoor Cloud League competition, as well. The Czech team at the Hurricane Factory had suffered less than the other ICL teams that year and won with the highest 2020 total.

It has been a promising comeback so far, and the same three teams who were back in January 2022 are close enough to each other at half-time for an exciting competition on this special leaderboard that includes six different sequences on all performance levels each month and is open for all 4-way teams and competitors.

Pre-Nationals 2022: Expanded, Extended and Open for all Teams

TeamsK,21,B,10 C,15,18 A,J,4 A,J,C M,K,B M,LTotal
Caden Maydew, Donaldo Grajeda, Kyle Hermberg, Michael Erickson1614----30
Caden Maydew, Roc Tofil, Tarynn Ecton, Michael Erickson--1523--38
Dallas Valkyrie----222143

iFLY Dallas Best of June161415232221111

Indoor Cloud League June 2022 - iFLY Dallas Highscores
A/Beginners Class gold medals at the Paraclete XP Indoor 2022: Dallas Valkyrie
Kyle Hermberg had Dallas Valkyrie back in his ICL lineup for the month of June. Alexa Boushey, Christina Edwards, Sydney Ward and Sarah Watson had joined his ICL events randomly before launching their own indoor team and scoring for the iFLY Dallas in December 2021.

Dallas Valkyrie were back in January 2022 and eventually signed up for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship where they won the gold medal in the new A/Beginners Class in February.

Valkyrie members joined ICL lineups at iFLY Dallas randomly in March, April and May before the complete lineup was back in ICL action in June and added a total of 43 points to the iFLY Dallas account. Kyle Hermberg's ICL team has now reduced the distance to the Czech ICL team by ten points for the months of May and June.

The Paraclete XP team will complete the June leaderboard with the next set of six ICL sequences for a flawless participation record of the same three teams this year.

Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2022
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank 4-way Beginner 19,P 6,9 C,O,F 4,A 8,H L,6 Total Avg
1 Dallas Valkyrie 10 14 25 14 12 14 89 14.8
2 Dallas Distraction 8 13 15 8 11 7 62 10.3
3 TSC Renegades 3 9 8 7 1 8 36 6.0

Dallas Valkyrie and Dallas Distraction at the Paraclete XO Indoor Championship 2022
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