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Did You Know...

... that the combination of senior outdoor summer and junior school vacation slow down the Czech Indoor Cloud League?

Outdoor summer: Jan Klapka's skydiving center in Most
posted Jun 30th, 2022 - The summer months are historically the time of the year when the Indoor Cloud League scores of the Czech team at the Hurricane Factory are dropping significantly, and it's happening again this year.

There are very logical reasons behind this situation in the Czech Republic. It is the time of the year when the 4-way seniors turn primarily to outdoor activities, while the 4-way juniors are on summer vacation from school and may spend time with their families away from home.

The 4-way juniors are limited to indoor training, while the 4-way seniors have the two choices. Only the summer time offers reasonable outdoor conditions in the Czech Republic, which have to be used as good as possible. The next fall and winter are coming quickly, and there will be plenty of time for indoor training at the Hurricane Factory or other wind tunnels.

The combination of outdoor opportunities for the seniors and summer vacation for the juniors is the time of the year when Indoor Cloud League organizer Jan Klapka is scrambling to find enough teams and lineups to perform the six monthly sequences. He is operating the 4-way training and other activities at the skydiving center in Most, as well, and even his own senior team, the M Team, prefers outdoor activities in the summer.

Pre-Nationals 2022: Expanded, Extended and Open for all Teams

Indoor Cloud League June 2022AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams - Hurricane FactoryK,21,B,10 C,15,18 A,J,4 A,J,C M,K,B M,LTotal
HF Chameleons2020----40
HF Dragonflies141719----
HF Juniors Invisible-1217----
HF Helicopters--1217222039

Hurricane Factory's Best of June202019172211109

Indoor Cloud League June 2022 - Hurricane Factory Highscores
FAI/ISC 4-way Junior bronze medals for HF Chameleons (right)
In fact, there is no 4-way senior team on the Czech leaderboard for the month of June. HF Flying Circus were still scoring for the Czech ICL team in May and are now in the middle of outdoor training. However, Jan Klapka still had enough 4-way juniors available to complete the June leaderboard and add 109 ICL points to the 2022 total.

His consistent strategy to start training the FAI/ISC AAA Class dive pool early with his 4-way junior teams paid back once again. One of the two teams who competed for the Czech delegation at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2022, the bronze medalists of HF Chameleons, were able to perform the AAA Class sequence and added the score for AA, as well.

Rusalky added the 19-pointer for the A sequence, which the HF Dragonflies had tied. Both teams had a close internal competition for three of the six sequences (AAA - AA - A) and the Dragonflies actually won this duel by three points.

HF Helicopters, formerly known as HF Junior Green before they decided to find a new team name, added two of the three Rookie Class scores (RRR - RR), and the new lineup of HF Unicorns completed the Czech leaderboard for June. Former Smart Fish alternate Michal Stepanek now has his own team joining forces with former Junior Green members Tomas Meizner and Adam Chavalovsky.

Indoor Cloud League May 2022AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams - Hurricane FactoryF,4,D,5 H,4,6 G,Q,6 G,Q,H M,F,D M,ATotal
HF Flying Circus2724----51
HF Chameleons2018-----
M Team141215----
HF Helicopters--1116222244
Smart Fish---12151012

Hurricane Factory's Best of May272416122222123

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