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... that new Indoor Cloud League center top view at iFLY Colorado Springs?

Not on the leaderboard yet: Get a Grip
posted Jul 2nd, 2022 - The first two sets of Indoor Cloud League scores for the month of June came from the longest standing team at the Hurricane Factory in the Czech Republic, and from the newest addition to the 14+ leaderboard from iFLY Colorado Springs in the United States.

The Czech ICL team has been a part of the Indoor Cloud League since 2013 and have been in the top spot of the 14+ leaderboard at the end of each year since 2016. Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel launched the new Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Colorado Springs last month, as the NSL News reported on May 28th.

The month of June was very different for both Indoor Cloud League teams. The NSL News explained on June 30th how difficult it is for Jan Klapka in the Czech Republic to keep the indoor momentum going throughout the outdoor summer months.

The new team in Colorado Springs is on the other side of the momentum at the same time. Eric Daniel reported from Colorado that the June event at iFLY Colorado Springs was the largest one yet, with a total of six teams in attendance. Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel had five teams at their first ICL event, and they missed one of the six categories in May.

Pre-Nationals 2022: Expanded, Extended and Open for all Teams

iFLY Colorado Springs - JuneAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Shattered Elbow1513----28
Altitude Junkies-613---13
Eric Daniel Fan Club----85(-2)13
Get a Grip--44---
Late Night Smoothie--912---

iFLY Colorado Springs Best of June151313148568

Indoor Cloud League June 2022: iFLY Colorado Springs
Not on the leaderboard yet: Late Night Smoothie
The iFLY Colorado Springs team submitted a full set of all six ICL sequences for the month of July, and the videos had a new quality level, as well. Emily Bombardi and Eric Daniel were still improvising with their own GoPro footage to generate the five scores and videos in May.

iFLY Colorado Springs installed a camera on the top level in the center of the flying chamber in the meantime, and the June videos provide a significantly better view of the performances.

Jan Klapka's ICL team at the Hurricane Factory and the new ICL team at iFLY Colorado Springs both actually had six teams perform the six June sequences. Four of the six teams combined for the six highscores at both locations. The HF Dragonflies and HF Invisible juniors were in contention for some of the highscores, and the HF Dragonflies even tied the 19-pointer of Rusalky for the A Class sequence, while "Late Night Smoothies" and "Get a Grip" did not make it to the leaderboard at iFLY Colorado Springs last month.

Jan Klapka still managed to tie the April total (109) with the summer lineup of junior teams. The iFLY Colorado Springs team turned the total of 43 points in May to 68 in June. The July sequences are now posted and available for the next month of Indoor Cloud League competition.

iFLY Colorado Springs - MayAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsF,4,D,5 H,4,6 G,Q,6 G,Q,H M,F,D M,ATotal
We Got Tail (Emily Bombardi, Amanda Lampton, Eric Daniel, Steve Pisano)1213----25
Altitude Junkies (Yaseen Alqallaf, Kumar Rai, Jim Williams, Markus Bohunovsky)-64----
Funnel in the Tunnel (Jennifer Wrynn, Kevin Chapman, Jeff York, Jon Eisele)--8---8
Dooorrrks (Jesse Ubele, Jon Christensen, Brian Tichy, Chris Davis)---3-63
Personal Space (Becky Soper, Scott McArthur, Kris Fisher, Kevin Snow)-----77

iFLY Colorado Springs Best of May121383-743

Indoor Cloud League May 2022: iFLY Colorado Springs
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