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Did You Know...

... that SDC Rhebellion XP plan to do 4-way magic this year?

Rhythm Project Team SDC Rhebellion XP with Steve Lefkowitz
posted Feb 3rd, 2021 - The January visit of the NSL News at Paraclete XP did not only cover the most recent Vega XP training. There were several other activities going on at the same time at the skydiver-friendly wind-tunnel, including one of the SDC Rhythm XP tunnel camps.

One of the teams in training at the Rhythm camp caught the NSL News attention with their T-shirts and the team name. SDC Rhebellion XP are not making their affiliation with SDC Rhythm XP a secret. In fact, they are proudly promoting themselves as a Rhythm Project Team.

Three team members (Aga Horoszko, Kelsey Strock, Greg Bush) had signed up for the indoor training camp, and they explained during a new NSL Live Talk conversation what it takes to be a Rhythm Project Team. Coach Steve Lefkowitz was filling the 4th slot, as the missing team member, Eric Bambach, was not available for the January camp at Paraclete XP.

Aga Horoszko, Kelsey Strock and Greg Bush used the opportunity of the Rhythm camp to work on their individual skills with 1-on-1 training, as well as collecting more 4-way experiences with player-coach Steve Lefkowitz in the lineup.

NSL Live Talk with SDC Rhebellion XP
Chris Haslam, Eric Bambach, Aga Horoszko, Kelsey Strock for ICL Midwest in 2020
SDC Rhebellion XP have not competed together as a team yet. However, they will soon post their first scores with the complete lineup at this year's Paraclete XP Indoor Championship at the end of the month.

The team members know each other from events of the Indoor Cloud League and the Midwest Skydiving League, where they attended meets with other teams. In fact, Aga Horoszko, Kelsey Strock and Eric Bambach joined forces with player-coach Chris Haslam for the ICL Midwest team on the leaderboards for October and November. Greg Bush had his own earlier 4-way experiences at several events of Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team.

They were already in training as SDC Rhebellion XP when they participated at the ICL events, after forming the team at the beginning of last year. Unfortunately, the 2020 season did not offer the usual activities due to the corona virus pandemic and its implications. The complete lineup did not have any opportunities to start with their new 4-way team's competition career.

This will change by the end of the month when the complete lineup will go back to Paraclete XP and post their first scores at the indoor championship. They will also train in Chicago this month before the next trip to Raeford.

SDC Rhebellion XP Indoor Training at Paraclete XP
Eric Bambach with Jetstream Tango in 2009
Aga Horoszko, Kelsey Strock and Greg Bush all have a total of 300+ jumps. Aga Horoszko finished her AFF course two years ago, and she is addicted to skydiving and 4-way training by now. That's not much different for her team mates. Only Eric Brambach has been around in the 4-way community for a much longer time, and he is still addicted, as well, as his team mates said.

Eric Brambach was one of the original Jetstream Tango members, the currently longest-standing team in the Midwest. Jetstream Tango was formed in 2009, and Eric Brambach trained and competed with the team until 2015. Then he joined AAA Class team SDC Swift, where he trained and competed together with former XPG4 member Irina Meshcheryakova for two years.

He continued with CSC Phrasing in 2018 and Paragon in 2019 before the corona crisis break in 2020. However, he met his future SDC Rhebellion XP team mates at the indoor events, first only as supporter and coach. Aga Horoszko, Kelsey Strock and Greg Bush said that they melted over time and finally decided to launch the new team project together under the Rhythm umbrella.

The Rhebellion 3-way had some stories to tell of their first phase in the 4-way world, and it will become more serious at the team's first competition at the end of the month. The NSL News will follow up with live coverage from the event site.

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