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NSL Cloud Mondial January 2021 - Click here for information

Did You Know...

... that ICL Midwest finished with a new record total in October?

ICL Midwest team in October
posted Nov 2nd, 2020 - The first four 8-way rounds of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 have been posted, and Airspeed XP8 is up by five points.

There was confusion for a while about the sequence of Round 2. Jeremie Rollett, Qatar Falcons coach and French 8-way world champion of 2006 and 2008, detected a difference between the sequence for Round 2 in 4-way and Round 2 in 8-way. It caught his attention when he watched the 8-way videos, which were showing different sequences.

Airbus and France performed the sequence in the order as it was shown for Round 2 on the 8-way leaderboard (5,C,H,J) while Airspeed XP8 and InTime took the sequence that was posted on the 4-way leaderboard (5,C,J,H). The numbers and letters are usually identical between 4-way and 8-way at FAI world meets and world cups, as they are for all other NSL Cloud Mondial rounds. The difference between the two sequences was simply a typo on the two different leaderboards, which came from the NSL headquarters.

The NSL apologizes sincerely for the flaw, which was eventually resolved easily. All parties agreed to judge the sequences the way the teams performed them, and Airspeed XP8 got back the eight points that were first deducted from the total. The scores and penalties of the first four rounds are showing how close Airspeed XP8 and France are. NSL Live Talk with commentary will follow later.

Rounds 1 - 4 of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 in 8-way - NSL Live Talk with Jennifer and Matt Davidson
Very fast NEXT pace in the R Class
In the meantime, the ICL Midwest team has added their scores and videos for the October sequences to the leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League. Skydive Midwest NEXT were back with their new lineup after performing the AAA Class sequence at their first appearance with Gorka Amian in the tail slot in September.

They scored in both Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) this time and added a total of 53 points to the ICL Midwest account. The NEXT performance did not only help to produce a new record total for the new ICL team. The new lineup also outscored Paraclete XPG4 for the AA Class sequence.

Former NEXT member Chris Haslam was back to support the ICL Midwest team as a player-coach in the A Class, and then together with Lauren Byrd in the Rookie Class lineup that added 48 points to the ICL Midwest account.

New 4-way competitors Sarah Dillman and Sathya Poliah actually followed the very fast NEXT pace to a 55-pointer for the R Class sequence. The ICL rules have a scoring limit of 25 points, which is the October highscore in this category. The same lineup also performed the RR Class sequence and added 23 more scoring points to the total.

Indoor Cloud League October 2020 - ICL MidwestAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
SDMW NEXT2429----53
Kelsey Strock, Aga Horoszko, Eric Bambach, Chris Haslam--27---27
Thomas Holan, Timothy Boman, Jagannathan Alagurajan, Gorka Amian---21--21
Sarah Dillman, Sathya Poliah, Chris Haslam, Lauren Byrd----235548-

ICL Midwest's Best of September242927212325149

ICL Midwest highscores for October
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