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Did You Know...

... that Florida's Indoor Cloud League team had a restart at iFLY Tampa?

Modified ZEAL lineup at the ICL January event
posted Feb 1st, 2021 - Amer Kassas' Florida Skydiving League team for the Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY Tampa has been on a hold for a long time. As for most of the other ICL teams, the indoor activities in Florida came to a halt in March/April last year.

There were sporadic efforts to put some numbers on the monthly ICL leaderboards, which were mostly posted by Skydive City's home team ZEAL when they visited iFLY Tampa for a training camp here and there. They used the ICL sequences for their indoor training and added the ICL points that eventually added up to the total for the 5th place last year.

The only complete sets of the six ICL categories (AAA - AA - A - RRR - RR - R) were posted before the corona virus pandemic impacted fully on the whole world and on the Formation Skydiving community.

Three ZEAL members were now a part of the ICL comeback for the Florida Skydiving League team at iFLY Tampa that Amer Kassas had scheduled for the end of January. The ICL January team did not have a lineup to perform the AAA Class sequence, however, four different lineups joined forces to launch the ICL 2021 season with a total of 62 points, the first ICL scores on the leaderboard of the new year.

Indoor Cloud League 2020JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ147154134-158122117110123--1371202
2Paraclete XPUS110135114---139114141901081451096
3ICL MidwestUS-------142130149127104652
4iFLY DallasUS8910996------1039299588
5iFLY TampaUS10110455--49-36-56--401
6Capital RegionUS106117----------223
7iFLY SeattleUS92110----------202
8iFLY JacksonvilleUS1866-------27--111

Current Jump Florida Furtherance lineup
It was not the complete ZEAL lineup at iFLY Tampa last week. Kim Lewis was back in her point slot, even though she does not continue with the team this year. Tail Nancie Smith was not available for the ICL event, and Purple HaZe member Keith Hanley substituted for her.

The modified ZEAL lineup took care of the A Class sequence and also had an internal competition with Jump Florida Furtherance for the highest score in the AA Class.

Jump Florida Furtherance, with player-coach Bob Byrne in the lineup, was actually performing the eleven sequences of the NSL Cloud Mondial January 2021 draw, and they added the ICL sequence for the AA Class to the plan for the event.

There is not much footage for the NSL Cloud Mondial event in January, as today is the deadline for submitting the videos. However, the few teams who took on the January draw will be able to enjoy the experience of world-class judging provided once again by InTime.

Indoor Cloud League January 2021 - iFLY TampaAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsF,18,K,17 H,18,14 D,L,4 D,L,H M,F,K M,DTotal
Jump Florida Furtherance-11----11
Annemarie Hammond, Kim Lewis, Ron Tabor, Keith Hanley-912---12
Katy Pfalzgraff, Kevin Mead, Sebastian Jimenez, Kurt Gaebel---13151528
Vanessa DelGatto, Dan Andrews, Sebastian Jimenez, Kurt Gaebel---11151111

iFLY Tampa's Best of January-111213151162

Indoor Cloud League January 2021 at iFLY Tampa
Rookie Class lineup with Katy Pfalzgraff
It will be the first time that the current Jump Florida Furtherance lineup is stepping out of the Florida boundaries, at least online. Bob Byrne has competed with earlier Furtherance lineups at USPA Nationals in 2014 and 2016, and he is preparing the current lineup for the next USPA championship this year.

Amer Kassas had also invited new participants to the first FSL Tunnel Kicker and Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY Tampa this year, and two different Rookie Class lineups performed the three sequences (RRR - RR - R) last week.

Katy Pfalzgraff became the youngest participant in Florida's Indoor Cloud League history. She is 16 years of age and at the very beginning of her 4-way career. She had mostly freeflying experiences before she signed up for the FSL Tunnel Kicker.

Her first 4-way indoor training included the three Rookie Class sequences, and her lineup won the internal competition with the second Rookie Class team. She and her father Justin Pfalzgraff said that she will surely be back for the next ICL event...

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