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... that the FAI Mondial 2020 next year is still the goal for the HF Cubs?

Ready for a fun jump in Most: Sabina Cioleková
posted Aug 10th, 2020 - The same three teams that resumed outdoor competition in the Czech Republic with the July meet of the Czech Republic Skydiving League were back at the end of the month for the national championship. It was the third national championship this year, after the Australian Nationals in March and the Norwegian Nationals earlier in July.

Nothing was the same though, beginning with the jump plane and ending with the lineups of the Czech teams. Skydive Klatovy hosted the national championship, and the jump plane was a Skyvan with a tail-gate. As most other 4-way teams in the world, the Czech teams did not have much outdoor training this year, and they are used to exiting from the PAC in Most.

4-way exits from the PAC are challenging, and switching to a tail-gate could have made it even easier for the teams with this part of a competition round. However, the videographers are challenged more than the teams with exits from the tail-gate, especially without much practice.

HF Flying Circus, reigning Czech 4-way outdoor champion, suffered heavily from several video busts right after the exit. Most of the 12 point deductions were caused by missing video evidence of the early part of the working time. Flying Circus still won easily, even though the Dream Team won one round and tied two more.

Czech Skydiving League July 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class D,1,P,17 3,11,J O,21,E,N 7,A,F,5 18,L,14 - - - - - Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus 15    13    20 -1 18    12    -   -    -    -    -    78 15.6
2 Dream Team 11    10 -1 13 -1 13 -1 9    -   -    -    -    -    56 11.2
3 M Team 8    5    9 -2 6    6    -   -    -    -    -    34 6.8
Czech Outdoor Nationals 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 16,3,Q B,18,J,12 19,14,K G,9,10 M,4,7 6,N,22 L,13,H,F 2,C,15 20,17,A O,8,P,21 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus 11 -2 13    10 -1 11 -3 14 -3 9 -2 18    13 -1 14    14     127 12.7
2 Dream Team 11    10 -1 9    11    12    11    14    11    9    12    110 11.0
3 M Team 7 -1 7 -1 7    9    10    8    10 -2 9    8    6 -2 81 8.1

Sabina Cioleková's exit from the PAC
The new Dream Team had featured reigning 4-way Junior world champion Sabina Cioleková at her first outdoor competition early in July, as the NSL News reported on July 6th. The Dream Team was back, while HF Cubs member Sabina Cioleková missed the meet with an injured knee.

She had made a jump with a different group of Czech skydivers and without her mentor Jan Klapka at the Most Skydiving Center in July, and the exit was different compared to her 4-way training. She hit the door-frame on exit and needed a month of rest for her knee. The Dream Team still attended the meet without Sabina Cioleková, who will probably be back soon.

Hanka Opalkova, Dana Stankova and Marián Jeziak were back from the original lineup at the beginning of July. HF Flying Circus member Jakub Klapka, his father Jan Klapka and Vaclav Prokes shared the tail slot over the ten rounds.

This Dream Team lineup brought back together three HF Bad Boys members, as Marián Jeziak in the point slot was training and competing with the former Czech 4-way champion team, as well. Jan Klapka, Vaclav Prokes and Marián Jeziak have trained and competed together since 2013, with Jan Lukavec in the lineup. The HF Bad Boys have not come back after the January indoor meet last year.

HF Flying Circus - Dream Team - M Team at the July meet of the Czech Skydiving League

HF Flying Circus at the Czech Outdoor Nationals 2020
Bad Boys Vaclav Prokes, Marián Jeziak, Jan Klapka in 2013 (from left)
It was still not really a Bad Boys reunion for Jan Klapka, Vaclav Prokes and Marián Jeziak in the Dream Team. They did not have one competition round together. Marián Jeziak competed in all ten rounds for the Dream Team. He was in the point slot that he had with the Bad Boys, while Jan Klapka and Vaclav Prokes took turns to fill the tail slot. Jakub Klapka was the Dream Team tail in Round 5.

Jan Klapka was also competing with the M Team that he has been a member of recently, at indoor as well as outdoor meets. The M Team competed with a different lineup too. Jirina Klapkova missed the meet due to a shoulder problem, and Vaclav Prokes was substituting. He and Jan Klapka had the same rotation between Dream Team and M Team every other round.

Sabina Cioleková's HF Cubs team mates have been using the meantime to work on getting their Czech skydiving licenses. Jan Klapka is hoping that the timing will fit perfectly. Sabina Cioleková will probably have recovered by the time when the complete HF Cubs lineup is ready to jump from the PAC in Most together.

Plan is still to train enough and be ready for the FAI Mondial in Tanay next year...

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