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Did You Know...

... that HF Cubs member Sabina Cioleková completed her first outdoor meet last weekend?

Czech awards for Dream Team last weekend in Most
posted Jul 6th, 2020 - The NSL News mentioned on June 26th that the Czech juniors continue with indoor training in the summer, while the still reigning 4-way Junior world champions, HF Cubs, try to complete their AFF outdoor training in Most.

HF Cubs member Sabina Cioleková was actually ahead of her team mates. She completed 44 jumps from the PAC jump plane in Most before entering her first 4-way competition. Her HF Cubs team mate Viktorie Nováková has completed her AFF jumps, and she is at a total of 15 jumps. Karolina Henkova and Adela Vesela were still waiting for their first opportunity when Sabina Cioleková attended her first 4-way competition last weekend.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions did not support AFF student training during the meet weekend. Jan Klapka reported from Most that he had to stop the meet after the first round on Sunday morning when the wind was even too strong for the teams. The three 4-way teams had completed four rounds on Saturday.

Sabina Cioleková completed her first five competition rounds in the point slot of the newly formed Dream Team. The videos of the team's five rounds are showing her in 4-way outdoor action. The NSL News audience has had many opportunities to watch Sabina Cioleková in 4-way indoor action with the HF Cubs and other Czech junior teams since 2015. A completely new 4-way chapter now began for her last weekend.

Czech Skydiving League July 2020
1 2 3 4 5 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class D,1,P,17 3,11,J O,21,E,N 7,A,F,5 18,L,14 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus 15 13 20 18 12  78 15.6
2 Dream Team 11 10 13 13 9  56 11.2
3 M Team 8 5 9 6 6  34 6.8

HF Flying Circus - Dream Team - M Team at the July meet of the Czech Skydiving League
FAI awards for HF Cubs at the indoor world meet
Sabina Cioleková is an original member of the HF Cubs, and Viktorie Nováková has been her team mate since 2015. Sabina Cioleková started in the tail slot of the original lineup and made her first outdoor competition rounds in the point slot for the Dream Team.

Adela Vesela joined the HF Cubs in 2016. She had started with the HF Junior Flies in 2015. The 4-way Junior world-champion lineup of the HF Cubs came together when Karolina Henkova joined the team in 2018, after her one year of training and competing with the HF Junior Flies, while Adela Vesela was already with the HF Cubs.

The four 4-way Junior world champions then decided to make the next step to 4-way outdoor training and competition together, even though they had their own different timing for the necessary AFF student training. Sabina Cioleková finished first and is now 49 jumps ahead of her HF Cubs team mates.

Three experienced Czech 4-way competitors were Sabina Cioleková's first outdoor team mates last weekend, and the Dream Team finished with an impressive 11.2 average on the AAA Class leaderboard. The HF Cubs had won their 4-way Junior world championship title in the AA Class in April 2019 and continued with AAA Class indoor training and competition. Sabina Cioleková was at least very familiar with the dive pool for last weekend's outdoor competition.

Czech Tunnel League June 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class K,11,B,16 21,6,P A,13,18 5,J,O,M 14,N,3 17,Q,1 22,H,L,G C,D,19,15 8,F,7 2,12,10 Total Avg
1 HF Cubs 25    26    26    36    23    27    26    26    27    18     260 26.0
2 HF Flying Circus 23    23    22    34    20    25 -1 23    23    25    19     237 23.7
3 M Team 14    16    14    21    12 -1 15    14    15    16    11 -1  148 14.8
3 4 V Tunelu 14    16    14    20    11    15    16    15    16    11     148 14.8
5 Accord 13    15    13    16 -1 10 -1 13    14    12    16    11     133 13.3

HF Cubs - HF Flying Circus - M Team at the June meet of the Czech Tunnel League
Sabina Cioleková (right) boarding for a meet round last weekend
Hanka Opalkova, Dana Stankova and Marián Jeziak completed the Dream Team lineup with Sabina Cioleková in the point slot. Hanka Opalkova was her piece partner in the front piece. She was a member of the former Czech national team in 4-way Women, Czech Ladies, and she has recently been training and competing with indoor team 4 V Tunelu. She has two daughters (Anezka and Alzbeta Opalkova) in the 4-way junior program, where she met Sabina Cioleková.

Dana Stankova is an original member of the longest-standing 4-way team in the Czech Republic. Accord have been competing at the Czech Skydiving League meets since 2005, and they recently competed once again at the June meet of the Czech Tunnel League.

Marián Jeziak is a former Bad Boys member and completed the Dream Team in the tail slot. He was the point for the Bad Boys, who competed for the Czech Republic in 4-way Open at indoor and outdoor events before HF Flying Circus took over as the national champions and national 4-way team. He moved to the tail slot to make room for point Sabina Cioleková.

HF Flying Circus won the first meet of the Czech outdoor season with a new team record average after the five completed rounds. Jan Klapka took his M Team back to the skies, as well, after seven indoor meets throughout the Czech winter season. HF Cubs, HF Flying Circus and M Team had posted their previous scores on the June leaderboard of the Czech Tunnel League, together with Accord.

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