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Did You Know...

... that iFLY Dallas interfered with a Hurricane Factory sweep in June?

Dominating the June leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League: Hurricane Factory
posted Jul 17th, 2019 - It happened again in June that the six sequences of the Indoor Cloud League were identical for all participating teams. The February draw was the first time this year that all ICL teams performed the same sequences in 12+ and 14+ flying chambers both.

The combined February leaderboard featured a very colorful combination of highscores for the six sequences, with a total of eleven different lineups sharing them at four different locations.

The situation in June was very different, and the Czech teams at the Hurricane Factory dominated the leaderboard. Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team took a break last month, as the Paraclete XP Summer Classic kept the organizers and coaches were busy with preparations for the outdoor competition.

Only the RRR Class team at iFLY Dallas (Amanda Hart, Caden Maydew, Rebekah Le Gall, with player-coach Lucas King) managed to steal one of the six highscores, despite a point deduction. The June scores and the missing total for Paraclete XP increased the lead of the Hurricane Factory significantly and allowed Florida's team at iFLY Tampa and iFLY Seattle both to catch up with Paraclete.

Indoor Cloud League June 2019
Rank June 12+ and 14+ K,18,A,16 Q,1,18 J,P,6 B,K,A M,J,P M,Q Total
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  26 25 25 14 23 21 134
2 iFLY Tampa  US  17 19 20 16 13 17 102
3 iFLY Dallas  US  13 15 16 17 18 20 99
4 iFLY SF Bay  US  16 14 17 11 12 20 90
5 iFLY Orlando  US  15 13 15 14 19 13 89
6 iFLY Seattle  US  14 8 14 12 16 18 82

Cali4nia Raptors: Deanna Frank - Ethan DeLano - Julius Frank - Jessica Lee
Kyle Hermberg's ICL team at iFLY Dallas claimed the RRR Class highscore, and his R Class lineup (Brick Swenson, Leslie Sloan, Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg) finished only one point short of the Rusalky 4-way juniors at the Hurricane Factory.

The iFLY Dallas team had a perfect month of June. Six different lineups with a total of 18 participants, including the player-coaches, performed the six sequences. They also posted the iFLY Dallas scores in perfect order, with increasing scoring numbers according to the difficulty of the sequences (13 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 20).

Former Dallas 350 member Lucas King was player-coaching three of the six lineups. Brandy Verhalen, Michael Erickson and Kyle Hermberg also served as player-coaches for the Rookie Class lineups.

All four player coaches together posted the AA Class highscore for iFLY Dallas. Michael Erickson then helped the RR Class lineup to the 18-pointer, while Brandy Verhalen and Kyle Hermberg guided Leslie Sloan and Brick Swenson to the 20-pointer for the R Class sequence.

TeamsK,18,A,16 Q,1,18 J,P,6 B,K,A M,J,P M,QTotal
Donaldo Grajeda, Jim Walker, Ron Shipp, Lacey Breaux13-----13
Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg, Michael Erickson, Lucas King-15----15
Keith Eaton, Michael Erickson, Scott Kucel, Lucas King--16---16
Amanda Hart, Caden Maydew, Rebekah Le Gall, Lucas King---17(-1)--17
Arpit Tyagi, Debbie Swenson, Robin Cannon, Michael Erickson----18(-2)-18
Brick Swenson, Leslie Sloan, Brandy Verhalen, Kyle Hermberg-----2020

iFLY Dallas Best of June13151617182099

RR and R Class lineup at iFLY SF Bay
Lori Connor's ICL team at iFLY SF Bay had the two complete lineups of Cali4nia Raptors and 4Tune taking on the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA). All four Cali4nia Raptors were also player-coaching other teams.

Deanna and Julius Frank competed against each other for the highscore in the A Class, and Julius Frank's RRR lineup posted the highscore for this category (11), even though his Cali4nia Raptors team mates Jessica Lee and Ethan DeLano had the higher scoring number (14). The ICL rules allow only one player-coach for RRR lineups, and Julius Frank's team took the RRR spot the June leaderboard.

However, Jessica Lee and Ethan DeLano also performed the RR sequence with the same lineup. There they had a close race for the best iFLY SF Bay number with two other player coaches (Volker Haag, Mike Deglau) who were two points behind the Cali4nia Raptors in the AAA Class.

Volker Haag and Mike Deglau eventually guided Viktoriya Guceva and Trevor Nagle to the iFLY SF Bay highscores for the R and RR sequences both.

TeamsK,18,A,16 Q,1,18 J,P,6 B,K,A M,J,P M,QTotal
Cali4rnia Raptors1614----30
Mike Deglau, Volker Haag, Jim Hopf, Lori Connor14------
Kiran Shivaram, Ray Hebert, Achal Asada, Deanna Frank--17---17
Racheet Matai, Jack Wang, Travis McGowan, Julius Frank--1011--11
Sofia Bai, Lulu Gao, Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee---1411--
Trevor Nagle, Viktoriya Guceva, Volker Haag, Mike Deglau----122032

iFLY SF Bay's Best of June16141711122090

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