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Did You Know...

... that SDC Rhythm XP is showing a third way of team development?

Starting point: NMP PCH HayaBusa in 2011
posted Jul 10th, 2019 - The recent lineup changes of the two best 4-way outdoor teams in the world initiated discussions, interviews and thoughts with different looks from from different angles. The NSL News tried to cover as much as possible of all the provided input and feedback and contributed additional information.

One of the related stories was an evaluation of the lineups that NMP PCH HayaBusa and Arizona Airspeed had in the time period between 2011 and 2019, which was posted on June 14th. Included was an overview of the lineups, which was showing two different ways how to maintain one of the world's top spots.

U.S. team SDC Rhythm XP is one of the best outdoor 4-way teams right behind the two leaders. Rhythm was yet only indirectly involved in the discussion of the latest personnel changes of HayaBusa and Airspeed. Rhythm has competed with both teams at many events, while only the duel for the U.S. top spot with Airspeed has usually been the dominating topic.

It has been a similar situation after the recent changes, even though JaNette Lefkowitz provided some feedback from the SDC Rhythm XP perspective during the NSL Live Talk on June 24th.

Team development of Arizona Airspeed and NMP PCH HayaBusa between 2011 and 2019
Starting point: Arizona Airspeed in 2011
The situation has not changed when it comes to the qualification for the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving, which is still the most relevant competition in the world. SDC Rhythm XP first have to win the qualification at the USPA Nationals to be eligible for a trip to a world meet.

However, the eligibility status for a world meet does not take anything away from Rhythm's solid position for several years as one of the best 4-way teams in the world. In the absence of Arizona Airspeed, Rhythm had won the bronze medals at the FAI World Cup 2017 and placed 2nd in the world class field of the Shamrock Showdown 2018.

There is more than enough reason to compare the development of Rhythm's lineups over the years with the two top teams in the 4-way outdoor world.

The new overview is showing the Rhythm lineups in the same period of 2011 - 2019, even though the history of all three teams is going much farther back in time. Arizona Airspeed was founded in 1994, NMP PCH HayaBusa in 2003, SDC Rhythm XP in 2007.

Team development of SDC Rhythm XP between 2011 and 2019
Starting point: SDC Rhythm XP in 2011
SDC Rhythm XP's team development in this time period offers a third and different way, compared to HayaBusa and Airspeed, and it is located somewhere in between.

Arizona Airspeed have been working with the shortest and very intensive commitments for the team members, while they had access to the most talented and skilled 4-way competitors whenever they needed a new team member and recruited. Airspeed members Chris Farina, Thiago Gomes and Mikhail Markine can also be found in previous Rhythm lineups.

NMP PCH HayaBusa had limited access to talent and skills after Roy Janssen, David and Andy Grauwels joined the Belgian military. They used their longer commitment periods carefully to bring up new or potential members to speed timely.

SDC Rhythm XP's earlier years were similar to Arizona Airspeed and then changed into the direction of NMP PCH HayaBusa. The current lineup is its 4th year, and no member has been recruited by Airspeed since 2015. Time will tell which way is the most successful one. Fact is that HayaBusa have won the FAI 4-way title three consecutive times with their strategy...

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