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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP and Hurricane Factory have similar good problems?

ICL 2018 scores of the Hurricane Factory team
posted Feb 6th, 2019 - The NSL News reported the first monthly scores of the Indoor Cloud League competition in 2019 with the update from the Hurricane Factory in the Czech Republic on February 2nd.

It was a great start for the Czech 4-way teams, as they almost matched the December total (145) that finally wrapped up the 2-point advantage over the Paraclete XP team for the year (1461 - 1459) even though Paraclete had won the December competition (149).

However, Jan Klapka mentioned earlier that he has a good problem, as his 4-way Junior teams are progressing so quickly through the first stages of 4-way competition (R - RR - RRR categories) that he can hardly keep up with getting new fliers ready for the Rookie Class sequences.

The overview of the ICL 2018 competition at the Hurricane Factory is showing the teams in red color that are not eligible any longer for the respective categories after scoring 25 points or higher twice. HF Cubs, the Czech national team in 4-way Junior, have been long out of the Rookie Class categories and practice AAA and AA sequences. HF Flying Rebels can only contribute RRR Class scores for the Czech ICL team, and HF Dragonflies (RR) and HF Chameleons (R) will have to move up after their February numbers.

Indoor Cloud League 2019
Rank January 14+ E,8,Q,3 Q,6,8 C,F,4 K,E,Q M,C,F M,H Total
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  24    24    23    23    25    25    144
2 iFLY Seattle  US  19 -2 18    15    18    22    23    115
3 Paraclete XP  US  22    22 -1 20    22 -2 7    7    100
4 iFLY Tampa  US  17    16 -1 11    15    12    20    91
Paraclete XP's ICL team in January 2019
The Paraclete XP team is in a similar situation with a good problem to have. Organizer Jessica Haugaard said that the new Paraclete XP participants are also advancing too quickly. The highly experienced coaches at the Hurricane Factory and Paraclete XP know how to help the beginners in the sport master the basic skills quickly.

Jessica Haugaard said that the ICL events at Paraclete XP constantly attract new participants, who can stay in the beginner categories only for the limited time until the first block techniques of the A Class become the next challenge.

Jan Klapka in the Czech Republic does not have much time left, and he needs his new teams and fliers for the Rookie Class categories next month. In fact, HF Team Yellow, the newest and youngest junior team, have already posted their first scores for the R and RR sequences in January, and he still has senior team J-Elita for the same categories, as well.

Paraclete XP's ICL coaches Morgan Womble, Lauren Byrd, Joey Freeman and Greg Oldendick were guiding the newest Rookie Class competitors through the January sequences, while HF Dragonflies and HF Chameleons posted the maximum scores in the same categories for their last time.

ICL January performances of the Hurricane Factory team and Paraclete XP

Paraclete XP's AAA/AA lineup in January
Morgan Womble, Lauren Byrd, Joey Freeman and Greg Oldendick also took care of the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) in January. They competed with iFLY Seattle's signature lineup Seattle Swift who are back with the same lineup. HF Flying Circus posted scores for the same two sequences for the Czech ICL team.

Morgan Womble and Lauren Byrd were Phoenix XP team mates last year before Morgan Womble's injury, which put her on the Phoenix bench for the rest of the 2019 season, including the world meet in Australia.

Joey Freeman was a Carolina Turbo XP member until Andrew Happick and Doug Barron joined SDC Rhythm XP. He has been player coaching several teams ever since. Greg Oldendick won USPA's Advanced Class competition last year with Savage XP and has joined SDC RhEvolution XP for the 2019 season.

The Paraclete XP player coaches for the ICL event in January outscored Seattle Swift, who had finished right behind Savage XP at the USPA Nationals 2018, while HF Flying Circus won both sequences by two points. The first Czech ICL scores for February are posted...

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