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Did You Know...

... that the Czech 4-way juniors have a connection with NMP PCH HayaBusa?

David Grauwels with Czech 4-way juniors
posted Feb 2nd, 2019 - NMP PCH HayaBusa have set a new milestone in the history of 4-way competition and finished with a 35.4 average at the Wind Games. The NSL News will get back to this topic very soon.

In the meantime, the 14+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League begins to take shape for the month of January. The Hurricane Factory has submitted a new record number of team scores in their internal race for the six spots on the monthly leaderboard.

14 Czech teams tried to post the highest scoring numbers for their respective categories, and five teams made it onto the January leaderboard. Only one team won two categories, and HF Flying Circus has set the highscore for both Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) at 24 points each.

Five junior teams were a part of the ICL January competition, and they all know one of the HayaBusa members who have changed the 4-way history. David Grauwels has visited the Hurricane Factory several times and worked with the Czech 4-way juniors. He prepares the youngest generations of 4-way competitors for the next and even higher performance level, together with ICL organizer and project leader Jan Klapka.

Hurricane Factory - JanuaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsE,8,Q,3 Q,6,8 C,F,4 K,E,Q M,C,F M,HTotal
HF Flying Circus2424----48
HF Bad Boys2322-----
HF Cubs1919-----
M Team141520----
Ladies and Gentlemants-16-----
HF Flying Rebels-121523--23
HF Dragonflies-12181932-25
HF Flying Chameleons-9911172525
High Five--16----

Hurricane Factory's Best of January242423232525144

Indoor Cloud League January: Best of Hurricane Factory

25 Points: HF Chameleons
The Hurricane Factory team launches the ICL 2019 season almost exactly on the same level where they finished up last year.

The total of 144 points is only one point short of December's highscore of the year. The Czech teams had barely carried a 2-point lead over Paraclete XP (1461 - 1459) past the 2018 finish line.

Three of the Czech junior teams are responsible for three of the highscores in January. The HF Dragonflies completed 32 points for the RR sequence and will soon be eligible only for RRR sequences and higher. The score was capped at 25 points. The HF Chameleons reached the cupping limit, as well, just at the end of the working time.

The NSL News mentioned earlier that Jan Klapka will soon run out of eligible young Rookie Class competitors. However, he was fully aware of the situation and has been preparing 16 new 4-way fliers for their ICL participation.

The first one of the new teams is on the latest Czech leaderboard. Team Yellow is still looking for a team name, and the team members will be introduced soon.

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