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Did You Know...

... that ICL teams in Northern California needed the tie-breaking procedure in November?

Ian Pedowitz with Arizona FM at the NSL Indoor Championship 2018
posted Dec 11th, 2018 - The November competition of the Indoor Cloud League was completed with the latest scores for the month coming from Northern California.

The iFLY Sacramento team had very impressive participation with eight different lineups and new ICL competitors, while the iFLY SF Bay team brought high-profile players into the game last month.

Arizona FM member Ian Pedowitz was back on the U.S. west coast after a busy November visit in Florida where his team won the NSL Indoor Championship 2018 and the World Tunnel League November competition. He was also in the SCZ ZEUS lineup who won the NSL Outdoor Championship.

Ian Pedowitz was then in one of the two AAA Class lineups at iFLY SF Bay who posted 20-pointers for the November sequence, together with ICL organizer Lori Connor, Christina and Mike Deglau. In fact, he was facing much tougher competition at iFLY SF Bay for that one ICL November sequence than he experienced in all 20 rounds on the long November weekend in Florida.

TeamsL,6,B,17 E,6,15 P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,ETotal
Christina Deglau, Mike Deglau, Ian Pedowitz, Lori Connor2018----20
Ethan DeLano, Jessica Lee, Julius Frank, Don Burnette2019----19
Sylvain Florand, Vignesh Elamvazhuthi, Mahlon Chute, Lukasz Weber-1424---24
Mika Miettinen, Elan Moyal, Ron Put, Brad Shimkus--18(-1)14--14
Gabrielle Shimkus, Viktoriya Guceva, Julius Frank, Don Burnette----161430

iFLY SF Bay's Best of November201924141614107

Ian Pedowitz with SCZ ZEUS at the NSL Outdoor Championship 2018
The second AAA Class lineup at iFLY SF Bay consisted of a mix of experienced and talented 4-way competitors (Jessica Lee, Ethan DeLano, Julius Frank, Don Burnette) who had posted impressive scores in other 4-way teams and for the iFLY SF Bay team before.

Both teams were stopped several times by the clock after building the first Stardian of Block 6 on the 4th page. Only one score with the according video can be posted for each Indoor Cloud League team on the leaderboard, which creates a friendly competition within the participating ICL teams for the six exclusive monthly spots.

The last tier of the official FAI/IPC tie-breaking procedure needed to be applied for the two 20-pointers at iFLY SF Bay, which were both also the highest AAA Class scores on the 12+ leaderboard in November.

Jessica Lee, Ethan DeLano, Julius Frank and Don Burnette completed the first Stardian as the 20th scoring formation at 32.83 seconds, and the second AAA Class team (Lori Connor, Ian Pedowitz, Christina and Mike Deglau) arrived there slightly earlier at 32.32 seconds in the best attempt. The iFLY SF Bay video for this sequence is showing the winner after the tie-breaking procedure.

iFLY Sacramento - NovemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsL,6,B,17 E,6,15 P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,ETotal
Abbie Crews, Nick Armstrong, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor1414----14
Brad Shimkus, Lisa Larkin, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor1214----14
Maria Sheets, Lisa Larkin, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor12------
Ron Ashcraft, Monty Stephens, Russ Hebert, McKenzie Brown-814----
Lauren Brown, McKenzie Brown, Reed Lawson, Brad Shimkus--1612--16
Jeff Seely, Reed Lawson, Keith Clayton, Ron Ashcraft--1212--12
Jeff Brundage, Gabrielle Shimkus, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor----161733
Lauren Michelle, Nick Armstrong, Matt Stehens, Lori Connor----18(-1)11-

iFLY Sacramento's Best of November14141612161789

Paraclete XP's A Class lineup in November
The November sequences on both Indoor Cloud League leaderboards (14+ - 12+) were once again identical in four of the six categories, not only in the three Rookie Class categories where they always match each other.

It happens once in a while that the technical sequences (AAA - AA - A) are also the same for both flying chambers, which then allows to compare more scores directly with each other. This time, the A Class sequence was identical, and the combined leaderboard is showing all participating ICL teams together with four of the six November sequences.

The 12+ teams could not change the order as much this time as they did in October when the same situation had occurred. All four 14+ teams posted the maximum scores of 25 points for the R Class sequence, and two of them added 25-pointers for the RR Class sequences, as well. Then they separated themselves in the four top spots from the three 12+ teams.

The iFLY Tampa rookies had the highest total for the three Rookie Class categories (RRR - RR - R) with three highscores. The A Class score was too low to get close to the Hurricane Factory, where Jan Klapka's M(irek) Team posted a 28-pointer. Golden Knights captain Drew Starr guided Paraclete XP's A Class lineup to the 29-pointer highscore.

Indoor Cloud League 2018
A RRR RR R Total
Rank November Sequences P,O,9 N,L,B M,P,O M,E Total
1 Hurricane Factory CZ 28 18 25 25 96
2 iFLY Tampa US 19 20 25 25 89
3 Paraclete XP US 29 17 16 25 87
4 iFLY Seattle US 20 13 18 25 76
5 iFLY SF Bay US 24 14 16 14 68
6 iFLY Orlando US 20 16 15 15 66
7 iFLY Sacramento US 16 12 16 17 61
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