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Did You Know...

... that the combined Indoor Cloud League October leaderboard includes all three chamber sizes?

12-foot flying chamber at iFLY SF Bay...
posted Nov 7th, 2018 - The Indoor Cloud League October competition on the 12+ leaderboard featured the monthly showdown between the two teams in Northern California (iFLY Sacramento - iFLY SF Bay) and iFLY Orlando on the east coast in Florida.

The Florida team managed to split the west coast duo this time, which had not happened since April this year when all three teams were separated by only two points. iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay both have won three months ever since and taken the second places, as well. iFLY Sacramento has won the last two months and begun to pull away on the 2018 leaderboard. It is a 77-point lead (1072 - 995) over iFLY SF Bay at the end of October.

The breakdown of the October scores at both wind tunnels is showing that the iFLY Sacramento team has more lineups available who can share the six sequences in more different varieties. The different lineups can push each other for the highest scores in each category and the honor to be featured with the videos of the best performances.

iFLY Sacramento took on the six different sequences with six different lineups, while iFLY SF Bay was limited to four lineups in October. Identical lineups can only post scores for two neighboring categories, according to the ICL rules and regulations.

iFLY Sacramento - OctoberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsF,21,G,16 N,21,14 D,B,6 A,F,G M,D,B M,NTotal
Calli Waltrip, Lisa Larkin, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor14(-1)14----28
Calli Waltrip, Lisa Larkin, Ron Ashcraft, John Verley-1215---15
Monty Stephens, McKenzie Brown, Keith Clayton, Lori Connor---21--21
Sona J. Santos-Linsenbach, Jeff Sealy, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor---2220--
Forrest Hyler, Brian Naiman, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor----26(-2)2025
Virginia Shedd, Matt Klein, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor----152222

iFLY Sacramento's Best of October141415212522111

TeamsF,21,G,16 N,21,14 D,B,6 A,F,G M,D,B M,NTotal
Jim Hopf, Lukasz Weber, Julius Frank, Deanna Frank1612----28
Ray Hebert, Achal Asawa, Vignesh Elamvazhuthi, Maria Sheets-9(-1)15---15
Chris Sullivan, Mark Fosbury, Achal Asawa, Julius Frank--811--11
Travis McGowan, Viktoriya Guceva, Julius Frank, Deanna Frank----211738

iFLY SF Bay's Best of October16121511211792

...versus 16-foot flying chamber at Paraclete XP
The Rookie Class sequences are always identical for all teams, whether it is a 12+ or a 14+ flying chamber. However, it also happens randomly that the A Class sequences are the same for both competition draws, as it happened in October.

The combined leaderboard for only the four identical sequences is showing a colorful mix of teams and highscores from flying chambers of both sizes. In fact, the combined leaderboard features teams from three different flying chamber sizes, as the Paraclete XP teams can use their whole 16-foot chamber for all sequences.

The combined leaderboard is showing the Paraclete team still only in 4th place with the total for the four identical sequences. This confirms that teams in the Rookie Class, and once in a while in the A Class too, can be competitive enough, despite the different chamber sizes.

The Hurricane Factory's 14-foot chamber hosted the overall 14+ winner last month, and the Czech teams took the 1st place on the combined leaderboard, as well. iFLY Sacramento's 12+ chamber generated two highscores, and the NCSL teams finished only two points behind in 2nd place.

Indoor Cloud League 2018
A RRR RR R Total
Rank October Sequences D,B,6 A,F,G M,D,B M,N Total
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  19    22    25    20    86
2 iFLY Sacramento  US  15    22    25 22    84
3 iFLY Seattle  US  20    25    20    16    81
4 Paraclete XP  US  19    28 12 19    78
5 iFLY Orlando  US  15    24    14    19    72
6 iFLY SF Bay  US  15    11    21    17    64
7 iFLY Tampa  US  13    19    17    13    62
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