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Did You Know...

... that SCZ ZEUS outscored SCZ ZEUSpeed on the World Tunnel League leaderboard?

SCZ ZEUSpeed in outdoor action
posted Aug 2nd, 2018 - The Florida 4-way teams and competitors were the only ones on the July leaderboard of the World Tunnel League, which applies a very similar format as the National Skydiving League has done for many years.

The WTL teams from the Czech Republic are in the middle of their outdoor season and resume with the monthly indoor meets in November, and Northern California did not have a meet scheduled in July. NCTL teams will be back on the WTL leaderboard in August.

The July leaderboard is still showing the scores of eight teams after their 10-round meets, and the first scores were posted when Arizona Airspeed's Niklas Hemlin visited Florida, as the NSL News reported on 25 July 2018. He competed with SCZ ZEUSpeed at iFLY Tampa during his coaching trip. The ZEUSpeed lineup included two current ZEUS members (Amer Kassas, Jimmy Xu), Niklas Hemlin and James Hall.

The same lineup also posted the highest outdoor average for SCZ ZEUS in the team's history on the same weekend when Niklas Hemlin was in town.

World Tunnel League July 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class O,15,K,3 5,B,17 14,L,21 Q,J,7,9 H,N,D,A,P 6,M,16 13,10,1 4,F,8 G,E,22,19 20,2,18 Total Avg
1 SCZ ZEUS 20 23 19 28 33 21 15 19 18 15 211 21.1
2 SCZ ZEUSpeed 15 22 17 27 31 19 13 12 16 12  184 18.4
3 FSL Kickers 16 22 17 24 23 18 13 12 15 13  173 17.3
4 Intermediatish 10 17 12 18 19 15 7 11 13 14 136 13.6
5 Tunnel Vision 4 11 13 21 20 11 7 12 13 10 122 12.2
Rank AA Class C,9,15 B,P,18 14,L,21 Q,J,7 H,N,D,A 6,M,11 13,1 4,F,8 G,E,22 20,2 Total Avg
1 SCZ ZEUS Evolve 18 16 16 22 27 11 11 13 16 13 163 16.3
Rank Rookie O,K,P H,F,B L,J,E Q,O,H N,D,A M,C,G K,L,Q F,J,N B,E,D P,A,M Total Avg
1 FSL Ladies 17 17 12 15 1 11 2 19 15 11 120 12.0
2 Nothing But Net 7 13 7 13 8 6 6 5 5 12 82 8.2
Complete SCZ ZEUS lineup
A few weeks later, the complete SCZ ZEUS lineup was available when the July meet of the World Tunnel League was scheduled at iFLY Tampa. Alex Jordaan and Ian Pedowitz visited Skydive City for the next ZEUS outdoor training camp at the same time, and they were probably eager to improve the scores that the ZEUSpeed lineup had posted earlier.

The complete ZEUS lineup indeed outscored ZEUSpeed very clearly and finished with an impressive 21.1 average for the July 10-round draw, which was boosted though by a Super Sequence in Round 5. However, ZEUSpeed and ZEUS together set new team scoring standards for indoor and outdoor competition both in July.

ZEUS member Alex Jordaan was also player-coaching the July lineup of Tunnel Vision, and he and Ian Pedowitz also set a solid foundation for SCZ ZEUS Evolve's 16.3 record average in the AA Class.

Rookie Class team FSL Ladies, with an all-female lineup, were all by themselves and without any help from experienced player coaches. Emily Bombardi and Suzette Hechst have trained and competed in higher categories and go back to the Rookie Class for the FSL Ladies.

Florida Skydiving League - July 14+
O,19,K,17 C,21,19 H,J,8 O,K,P M,H,J M,CTotal
SCZ ZEUS2020----40
SCZ ZEUS Evolve--17---17
Shanise Dietels, Kim Lewis, Niklas Hemlin, Amer Kassas---19(-1)17-36
Emily Bombardi, Suzette Hechst, Shanise Dietels, Kim Lewis-----1313

iFLY Tampa - Best of July

Florida's World Tunnel and Indoor Cloud League team in July
Most of the same Florida competitors also posted the six scores and videos for the July sequences of the Indoor Cloud League.

The complete SCZ ZEUS lineup took care of the two Open/Advanced Class sequences (AAA 20 - AA 20) and scored almost on eye level with Seattle Swift who posted similar scores (AAA 21 - AA 20) for iFLY Seattle in July.

Czech team HF Flying Circus won the AAA/AA competition between the three teams by one single point with a total of 42 points (41 - 40).

The scores for two of the three Rookie Class sequences (RRR - RR) were also a result of the indoor training camp with Niklas Hemlin in Tampa. Shanise Dietels and Kim Lewis posted their scores with the Airspeed player-coach in the lineup and then came back later in July for the FSL Ladies.

The same lineup that won the Rookie Class competition of the World Tunnel League July meet over Nothing But Net with player-coach Jimmy Xu in the lineup, also posted the 13-pointer for Florida's Indoor Cloud League team in the R Class.

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