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California Tunnel League California Tunnel League

CATL League Director:

California Tunnel League website: https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaTunnelLeague/

CATL Host Venues: iFLY Ontario, iFLY Sacramento, iFLY SF Bay

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Dec 1st, 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class C,21,J,3 13,D,H,G 17,1,M N,14,11 16,9,5 7,F,18 Total Avg
1 Building Blocks  US  CATL 14    19    16    11 -1 14    17     91 15.2

Most Recent CATL News | See all CATL News or all NSL News
News Article Did you know that Niklas Hemlin brought Airspeed news to iFLY Tampa?
posted: Aug 2nd, 2019 The July competition of the World Tunnel League was exclusively a showdown between U.S. teams from the east and west coasts of the United States. Czech Republic, Brazil and Finland don't have events scheduled... (more)
News Article Did you know that Mikhail Markine and Ari Perelman guided SCZ ZEUSpeed to the top of the WTL May rankings?
posted: Jun 8th, 2019 The May competition of the World Tunnel League was exclusively an exchange between west coast and east coast of the United States, with teams from Florida and Northern California. The World Tunnel League... (more)
News Article Did you know that the first 2019 scores will be posted in the Czech Republic and in Arizona this week?
posted: Jan 8th, 2019 The first scores of the new year will come from the Czech Republic, where the Hurricane Factory is hosting the Czech part of the World Tunnel League's January competition on Wednesday. The Czech 4-way... (more)