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Northern California Tunnel League Northern California Tunnel League

NCTL League Director: Lori Connor

NCTL Host Venues: iFLY Sacramento, iFLY SF Bay

NCTL Schedule of Events | See all NCTL events
discipline title date venue
IFS4 World Tunnel League - June Jun 1st, 2017 - Jun 30th, 2017 iFLY SF Bay
IFS4 World Tunnel League - June Jun 1st, 2017 - Jun 30th, 2017 iFLY Sacramento
IFS4 World Tunnel League - July Jul 1st, 2017 - Jul 31st, 2017 iFLY Sacramento
IFS4 World Tunnel League - August Aug 1st, 2017 - Aug 31st, 2017 iFLY Sacramento

Most Recent NCTL Scores | See all NCTL scores
Jul 1st, 2017
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AA Class O,7,18 6,11 J,21,C N,Q,14 D,9,A L,P,G,15 Total Avg
1 DeLoreans  US  NCTL 18 14 (-1) 22 22 29 (-1) 19 124 20.7
Rank A Class O,E,7 6,K J,C,A N,Q,H D,9 L,P,G Total Avg
1 Err Speed  US  NCTL 14 10 15 24 17 16 96 16.0
Rank Rookie Q,A,D K,F,B J,C,M N,Q,H D,K,E L,P,G Total Avg
1 Wind Breakers  US  NCTL (-1) 11 (-1) (-2) (-2) 5 7 36 6.0

Most Recent NCTL News | See all NCTL News or all NSL News
Did you know that the Sacramento DeLoreans won the WTL July competition?
posted: Jul 31st, 2017 The indoor events of the World Tunnel League still continue, even though the Czech teams are on a break for their outdoor season and submit scores and videos only for the Indoor Cloud League. The 10-round... (more)
Did you know that Northern California has joined the World Tunnel League?
posted: Jul 6th, 2017 Czech 4-way competitor and organizer Jan Klapka started the World Tunnel League (WTL) with the first years of regular European Tunnel League League (ETL) indoor meets at the Hurricane Factory years ago. After... (more)
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