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Did You Know...

... that the Hurricane Factory's ICL team saw the Paraclete XP writing on the wall?

Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team in June
posted Jul 8th, 2018 - The June competition of the Indoor Cloud League has been over for a week, and the new July draw brings a new set of six sequences to the participating wind tunnels and ICL groups.

The latest June update of the competition on the 12+ leaderboard was posted on 5 July 2018, and the 14+ leaderboard is now up-to-date, as well. Nothing changed in the rankings, while the Czech team at the Hurricane Factory added more points to the 2018 half-time lead on the 14+ leaderboard.

The Czech ICL indoor powerhouse was in trouble when the Paraclete XP team launched the 2018 season as strongly as they had finished at the end of last year, winning in November and December. The two leaders on the 14+ leaderboard started with a tie in January before Paraclete XP won in February and March.

The total at the end of March (401 - 387) was the first time that the Hurricane Factory did not have the lead in the overall standings for the year.

Indoor Cloud League 2018JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ128120139144143124------798
2Paraclete XPUS12812514812611690------733
3iFLY SeattleUS11489115111104113------646
4iFLY TampaUS8310712111110895------625
5iFLY DallasUS988244886489------465
iFLY Seattle's Indoor Cloud League team in June
The Czech ICL teams, organized by Bad Boys member Jan Klapka, saw the writing on the wall and picked up the pace beginning in April. They won the last three consecutive months (April - May - June) for the Hurricane Factory by a total of 79 points (411 - 332) and turned the 14-point deficit at the end of March into the current 65-point lead.

The Hurricane Factory did not only pick up the pace, they also befitted from two weaker months at Paraclete XP. Some of the U.S. world champions and top performers were not available in June, and Paraclete XP introduced several new participants to 4-way indoor competition at the June event.

In fact, the ICL June competition turned out to generate the first leaderboard of the year without a Paraclete highscore for any of the six sequences. The Paraclete XP team had posted four highscores in January, three in February, four again in March, then only two in April and still one for the A Class sequence in May.

However, Paraclete's ICL organizer Jessica Haugaard said that a lot of her top performers will be back in July and begin working on the 65-point difference. The six months of the second half are still more than enough to change the current situation.

Paraclete XP - JuneAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsG,13,L,16 L,9,13 F,G,2 G,L,D M,F,G M,LTotal
Lauren Byrd, Keith Pierce, Chris Halsan, Jessica Haugaard13(-1)17----30
Dee Caminiti, Dominic Perry, Samuel Lecrone, Chris Halsan--18(-1)---18
Christie Nix, Cheryl Morgan, JP Brown, Lauren Byrd---17--17
Madeline Grucella, Tracy Funk, Lisa Steuck, Jessica Haugaard----16-16
Kristen Bell, Lyle Dodd, Geoff Bloom, Jessica Haugaard-----99

Paraclete XP's Best of June1317181716990

iFLY Tampa's Indoor Cloud League team in June
Not only the Hurricane Factory could take advantage of the weaker months for Paraclete XP.

The Florida Skydiving League team at iFLY Tampa and the Northwest Skydiving League at iFLY Seattle were already unusually and dangerously close to Paraclete XP's total in May (116 - 108 - 104). Deb Correia's June team eventually took the 2nd place behind the Hurricane Factory a month later, once again with the help by Open Class team Seattle Swift.

The Florida team was not able to take full advantage of the situation in June by missing a score for the R Class sequence. iFLY Seattle and iFLY Tampa were separated by only seven points at the end of May and Florida was ready to take back the 3rd place on the 2018 leaderboard at the end of June.

Even with the missing scoring number, Florida still outscored Paraclete XP last month, while the original duel opponent at iFLY Seattle increased the difference to 21 points. Florida still has the same six months to make up for the June loss and more...

iFLY Seattle - JuneAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsG,13,L,16 L,9,13 F,G,2 G,L,D M,F,G M,LTotal
Seattle Swift1722----39
Nat Mote, Kurt Ferstl, Gary Dutton, Dmitry Rudchenko--16(-1)---16
Erin Hundtofte, Slavko Bato PeŇ°ic, Dave Correia, Deb Correia---1621-16
Erik Byng, Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster, Djordje Mandaric, Bill Selig----2121(-1)42
Ryan Bartling, Isaac Bahr, Jeffrey Smith, Djordje Mandaric-------

iFLY Seattle's Best of June172216162121113

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