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Did You Know...

... that the Czech 4-way teams were again in 4-way indoor and outdoor meet action?

June outdoor action: HF Flying Circus
posted Jul 2nd, 2018 - The new outdoor leaderboard is already taking shape, while the missing June scores of the Indoor Cloud League are still coming in.

The latest set of six Indoor Cloud League scores and videos from the Hurricane Factory were added to the 14+ leaderboard while teams in the Czech Republic were competing at their next outdoor meet in Most last weekend.

Only HF Flying Circus scored for the Czech Republic on both indoor and outdoor leaderboards and added 45 points to the total of 124 ICL points for the Hurricane Factory. HF Cubs, the Czech national team in 4-way Junior, and Accord both took on June's two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) as well, and Accord added the 15 points for the A Class sequence.

Two more junior teams (HF Flying Rebels, HF Flying Chameleons) posted their scores on the indoor leaderboard, which is the only one where they can compete with other teams. The identical Rookie Class sequences on both ICL leaderboards allow the Czech 4-way juniors even the cross reference with the teams on the 12+ leaderboard, as well.

Hurricane Factory - JuneAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsG,13,L,16 L,9,13 F,G,2 G,L,D M,F,G M,LTotal
HF Flying Circus2023----43
HF Cubs1313-----
HF Flying Rebels--1314202020
HF Flying Chameleons--791211-
PB Wave---21333446

Hurricane Factory's Best of June202315212520124

June indoor action: HF Flying Circus
HF Flying Rebels posted the highest score for the R Class sequence, disregarding PB Wave's 34 points for the same category. PB Wave is not eligible for R Class sequences after posting two 25+ scores before, and they are also done with RR Class sequences after the 33 points in June.

Only 25 points are posted on the 14+ leaderboard after the capping rule, which copied the May situation when the 26-pointer for the RR Class sequence added the maximum of 25 points to the Czech total. PB Wave's 21-pointer also won the Czech RRR Class competition and could be added to the June total. The RRR Class sequences have no scoring limitations.

iFLY Dallas added their totals for the last two months in two very different ways.

A large group of six different teams eventually ended up with a significantly lower total compared to the three lineups in June. Player coaches Amanda Lampton, Lucas King and Genifer Oliver guided each of their teams to the highscores for two sequences last month.

TeamsG,13,L,16 L,9,13 F,G,2 G,L,D M,F,G M,LTotal
Amanda Lampton, Rodrigo Falla, Michael Erickson, Donaldo Grajeda11--22--33
Lucas King, Kyle Hermberg, Gary Haass, Bill Schmitt-1219---31
Genifer Oliver, Christine Schmitt, Will Schmitt, Scott Zarse----131225

iFLY Dallas' Best of June11121922131289

Indoor Cloud League at iFLY Dallas
Dallas 350 member Lucas King had assistant coach Genifer Oliver by his side in May, as well, together with Kyle Hermberg and Donaldo Grajeda. Genifer Oliver and Kyle Hermberg joined forces and posted the AAA and AA highscores for iFLY Dallas in June, with Erin Lewis and Vanessa Meyer in the lineup.

Lucas King took care of two of the Rookie Class sequences (RRR - RR) with Rob Parker, John Farris and Will Schmitt, and the A Class lineup was in the flying chamber without any player coaches.

Three additional teams had competed for the May highscores and ended up without making it to the 14+ leaderboard. The iFLY Dallas team in May also missed a scoring number for the R Class sequence and had some troubles with other video recordings.

The June team was back with a complete set of scores and videos, and the total for the month on the usual 2018 level.

TeamsQ,7,N,12 A,7,8 C,Q,4 Q,A,N M,C,Q M,ATotal
Kyle Hermberg, Genifer Oliver, Erin Lewis, Vanessa Meyer1414----28
Lacey Breaux, Zach Breaux, Michael Erickson, Donaldo Grajeda--14---14
Lucas King, Rob Parker, John Farris, Will Schmitt---616-22
Donaldo Grajeda, Aaron Perkins, Jennifer Betzer, Roc Tofil-------
Genifer Oliver, Keith Eaton, Rodrigo Falla, Christine Schmitt-------
Kyle Hermberg, Dave DuMais, Bill Schmitt, Scott Kucel-------

iFLY Dallas' Best of May141414616-64

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