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Did You Know...

... that Arizona FM used the Airspeed momentum for a new 23.6 team record average?

Arizona FM delegation
posted Jun 20th, 2018 - Arizona FM was once again the first team that took on the June draw of the World Tunnel League. Teams from Florida and Northern California will follow up later this month with their events, while the Czech teams are on their WTL summer break to focus on outdoor competition.

The player-coach team, with Ian Pedowitz, Jimmy Xu and two Arizona Airspeed members, joined the World Tunnel League in April on the largest WTL leaderboard in the very young history of the league. 29 teams posted their scores in April, and Arizona FM started with a 20.4 average after eight rounds that could be judged.

The same lineup, with Airspeed members Ari Perelman and Mikhail Markine, were back in May without any logistical or video trouble and turned the official 16.3 average of April into 21.9 for the ten May sequences.

The FM team record average of May is already history, as well, and the new 23.6 average is the benchmark for all AAA Class teams who will take on the ten June sequences of the World Tunnel League.

World Tunnel League June 2018
RankAAA ClassG,14,L,715,16,NJ,B,11,PA,18,36,Q,K,21F,17,H,O2,10,2219,13,512,9,4M,1,C,20TotalAvg
1Arizona FM21-218-130  22-424  40-118  19  21  23   23623.6
Roster: Niklas Hemlin (Outside Center), Mikhail Markine (Inside Center), Ian Pedowitz (Point), Jimmy Xu (Tail)
World Tunnel League May 2018
RankAAA ClassQ,11,N,1615,F,C,73,H,189,L,G,6E,5,K,M17,21,14J,22,A,113,P,220,10,1219,D,8TotalAvg
1Arizona FM20  28  21  24-229-121  20  19  17  20   21921.9
Roster: Mikhail Markine (Inside Center), Ian Pedowitz (Point), Ari Perelman (Outside Center), Jimmy Xu (Tail)
World Tunnel League April 2018
RankAAA ClassC,7,F,321,16,156,L,17A,G,18,K5,11,JH,D,9,E14,13,M8,12,O19,1,N4,Q,22TotalAvg
1Arizona FM25  18  21  23  22  0  0  18  18  18   16316.3
Roster: Mikhail Markine (Inside Center), Ian Pedowitz (Point), Ari Perelman (Outside Center), Jimmy Xu (Tail)
Arizona Airspeed at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018
The situation was different for Arizona FM this time, as the team did not perform the sequences in the home tunnel, the more challenging 14-foot flying chamber at SkyVenture Arizona.

Ian Pedowitz and Jimmy Xu were at Paraclete XP last weekend, where Arizona Airspeed competed at the

They joined forces with their Airspeed team mates after the outdoor meet and enjoyed Paraclete XP's 16-foot chamber for the ten June sequences.

Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018. It was also a different lineup that performed the WTL June draw for Arizona FM. Airspeed point Ari Perelman was not available for the indoor meet, and Niklas Hemlin filled in for him.

Ari Perelman is in his B-slot for Arizona FM, while outside center is Niklas Hemlin's A-slot with Airspeed. Airspeed tail Mikhail Markine is inside center for Arizona FM.

The different lineup finished with the new team record average and posted the team's first 30-pointer in Round 3 before going straight to the 40s in Round 6.

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