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Did You Know...

... that the Paraclete XP Summer Classic also featured a very strong AAA Class field behind Airspeed?

Jeana Billings and Jimmy Xu with Southern Mix in 2015
posted Jun 21st, 2018 - Arizona Airspeed's performance at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 did not only carry some momentum into Arizona FM's ten rounds of the World Tunnel League's June competition. It was also inspiring for the other four AAA Class teams at Skydive Paraclete in Raeford.

Ranch 2nd Generation (R2G) mastered the two slower rounds on Sunday morning better than all other AAA Class teams and finished with a 19.0 average, which is significantly higher than last year's winning average (16.4) in the AAA/Advanced Class competition of the USPA Nationals.

Savage XP translated their own 19.9 indoor average at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018 into an impressive 17.3 at the team's first outdoor competition.

Team member Jeana Billings was Jimmy Xu's 2015 team mate with Southern Mix at the May meet of the Southern Skydiving League 2015. Last year's Southern Mix lineup finished 8th with a 10.9 average in the AA/Intermediate Class competition at the USPA Nationals. Nine months later, Jeana Billings posted the 17.3 outdoor average with Savage XP on last weekend's AAA Class leaderboard. Former team mate Jimmy Xu has continued his own 4-way career with Arizona FM and SCZ ZEUS.

Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018
RankAAA/Open/Advanced ClassF,M,C,1014,P,A,1519,11,9E,B,22,72,K,G,123,O,14,17,JQ,13,D,6N,L,8,1816,21,20TotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed US 35 25-124 27-225 23-125-126 23 21 25425.4
2Ranch 2nd Generation US 23-116-219 20-118 19 19 19 20 17 19019.0
3Savage XP US 24 17 18 20 14 16 16 17 16 15 17317.3
4Vega XP US 19 13 15 14 13 11 9 12-112 11 12912.9
5Adventure Flyers PY 18 13 12 12 11-112 12 11 - - 10112.6

Both former Southern Mix team members have been advancing their 4-way progression with player coaches in the lineup. Paraclete XP's John D'Annunzio was guiding Southern Mix as a player coach in 2015 and 2016, and Savage XP has Kirk Verner in the lineup.

Southern Mix at the USPA Nationals 2017
image by: USPA/Omniskore
Jimmy Xu gets his coaching from Arizona Airspeed members, together with his FM team mate Ian Pedowitz.

Vega XP moved up into the AAA Class competition after winning the AA/Intermediate Class gold medals at the USPA Nationals, the same event where Jeana Billings posted AA scores with the Southern Mix 2017 all-female lineup.

However, Vega XP continued with the same lineup that won in Perris last year, and all new AAA Class competitors met for the first time at the Paraclete XP indoor meet in February 2018. Vega XP started the AAA Class journey with a 16.2 indoor average, while Jeana Billings was back with a new lineup and player-coach Kirk Verner.

Savage XP extended the distance to Vega XP at the outdoor competition with direct access to the vast 4-way experiences of the former Airspeed 4-way and 8-way world champion Kirk Verner.

Paraclete XP Indoor 2018
RankAAA Class6,P,O,9N,1,21D,J,E,K,148,Q,L,510,12,F3,19,2217,B,2011,13,7C,16,18H,M,A,G,154,2,6TotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed US 40264533272133252639-31531.5
2SDC Rhythm XP US 37274028242226222537-28828.8
3Golden Knights Gold US 36243527222225232335-27227.2
4Ranch 2nd Generation US 34223024212029232034-25725.7
5Golden Knights US 29212824201622191723-21921.9
6Dallas 350 US 26182523201823191627-21521.5
7Parachute Montreal Fuzion CA 301922211518221818291721221.2
8Phoenix XP US 282029201517211816281521221.2
9Fast4ward XP US 26192520161623161425-20020.0
10Savage XP US 24172518171621181627-19919.9
11Golden Knights Black US 26182419171420171527-19719.7
124Shadow US 25182116141319151422-17717.7
13SCZ ZEUS US 22172115141217141423-16916.9
14AZ Defiance US 21161917161415141224-16816.8
15Vega XP US 21151716131216141325-16216.2
16Fantasticate US 18142212141416131323-15915.9
17CB4 US 16162116131016131021-15215.2
18Pandemonium US 19151515131312121421-14914.9
19CoNEXTion XP US 161518181579131023-14414.4
20Harpia BR 18131713121314121316-14114.1
21Can't Wait US 15122012101012111116-12912.9
Vega XP at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic
The NSL News had introduced Vega XP with NSL Live Talk on 25 October 2017, which explained the AAA Class plans for 2018. The first update was posted on 17 October 2017, shortly after Vega XP won the USPA gold medals.

The NSL News mentioned earlier that the 12.9 average is a very promising AAA Class outdoor start for Vega XP and close to a position of medal contention in USPA's Advanced Class competition at the national championships. Reigning Advanced Class champion Ranch 2nd Generation will compete in the Open Class.

Only Seattle Swift seem to come back for more and better this year and are probably ahead of Vega XP at this point in time.

The AAA Class video of the Paraclete XP Summer Classic also features the Adventure Flyers from Paraguay in Round 2. They have attended four meets in the United States since the Shamrock Showdown in March 2017 and improved the meet average each time. Coach Solly Williams was in the inside center slot in Raeford and supported the 12.6 average after eight rounds.

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