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Did You Know...

... that Arizona FM corrected the World Tunnel League meet average?

First on the WTL May leaderboard: Arizona FM
posted May 9th, 2018 - Arizona FM posted the team's first scores on the April leaderboard of the World Tunnel League, as the NSL News reported on 3 May 2018. The 16.3 average, including two 0-pointers due to the lack of video evidence, did not reflect the team's real performance level, and the 20.4 average of the eight rounds with scores were closer to the truth.

It did not take too long until the same lineup was back in SkyVenture Arizona's 14-foot flying chamber for the ten May sequences. Arizona FM's scores are the first ones on the new leaderboard.

This time, there are videos for all ten sequences, while the special situation for the beginning of the working time has not changed. It is still based on the average time that other AAA Class teams need from entry into the flying chamber to breaking of the first formation.

However, the team's new 21.9 average is a more realistic number for the current performance level and easily beats the 20.4 average of the eight scoring rounds in April, even though the ten May sequences include more blocks compared to the April draw (21 - 19) and FM also missed the fast April sequence (H,D,9,E) in Round 6.

World Tunnel League May 2018
RankAAA ClassQ,11,N,1615,F,C,73,H,189,L,G,6E,5,K,M17,21,14J,22,A,113,P,220,10,1219,D,8TotalAvg
1Arizona FM20282124292120191720 21921.9
World Tunnel League April 2018
RankAAA ClassC,7,F,321,16,156,L,17A,G,18,K5,11,JH,D,9,E14,13,M8,12,O19,1,N4,Q,22TotalAvg
1Arizona FM251821232200181818 16316.3

The NSL News had briefly introduced Arizona FM in the previous story. Arizona Airspeed's player-coaches Mikhail Markine (IC) and Ari Perelman (OC) are doing the center work in their Airspeed B-slots. Jimmy Xu (Tail) and Ian Pedowitz (Point) each have one Airspeed piece partner.

Indoor Cloud League for Florida: Fast4ward XP's Jimmy Xu and James Hall
Jimmy Xu and Ian Pedowitz had different team histories and only met each other sharing their goals at the beginning of the year.

Both have some of their roots at the NSL Tunnel Kicker and Indoor Cloud League events in Florida and Nothern California where they participated on a regular basis.

That's where Jimmy Xu connected with the other team members of his future USPA Intermediate Class gold medal team, Z-Hills PreciZion, after a few meets with other lineups in the Southern Skydiving League of 2015 and the rest of the year with Rookie Class team DeLand 3D.

Ian Pedowitz was on his way to his first USPA Nationals at that time. 4mative (Deanna Frank, Julius Frank, Morgan Womble, Ian Pedowitz, Jason Imamura on camera) placed 5th in the AA/Intermediate Class.

His 4mative team mate Morgan Womble is now a member of the U.S. national team in 4-way Women, Phoenix XP.

USPA Nationals 2017
RankAAA ClassO,4,9G,21,A,HN,D,J,14L,16,12K,19,6E,2,10P,11,1517,3,22F,7,1Q,5,M,20TotalAvg
1Ranch 2nd Generation18-220-217-315  16  14-115-114-118  17  16416.4
2Fast4ward XP17  19  19  14  16  15  13-113  19  15-116016.0
3AF Storm17-116-117  14  16  14  12-212-117  17  15215.2
4Four Horsemen17  17  14-214  14  13-111-113  12-117  14214.2
5Seattle Swift15-217  13-113  14  13  14  10-117  15-114114.1
6DeOrbit Burn15-116-116  12  13  11-112  11  15  13  13413.4
7CH416-114-214  12  12  13  10-112  15  15  13313.3
8#Elsinoreishome15-116-114-113  12-112  11  11  15  13  13213.2
9CSC Swift12-116  15  9-113  12-19-111  15  14  12612.6
10Bravo13-114  14  12  11  12  12  9-114  13  12412.4
10AF Blaze9-316  14  12  13  11-19-112  14-214  12412.4
12AZ Defiance14  13  14  11  12  9  11  8-112-210-111411.4
13Perris Event Horizon14  12-113  9  9  11  9-111  14  11  11311.3
14Perris Quattro17  0  15  11  11-112  9  11  16  10-111211.2
15Levity XP11-111-214  9  11  12  9-18-114  11  11011.0
16Perris 4ce13  11-114  10  8-19  11  7-215  11  10910.9
17Perris Dauntless 513  10-213  10  10  10-110  10  12-25-110310.3
18JetStream Tango14  11-113  9  10  7-27-19  10-210  10010.0
194ttitude14  11-113  9  3-86-38-17-112-111-1949.4
20Adventure Flyers14  11  6-69  5-410  9  6-212  10  929.2
21Beauties and the Beasts9  7-12-15  4-16  7  6  9  7  626.2

Jimmy Xu continued at the FSL Tunnel Kickers and Indoor Cloud League events of the Florida Skydiving League after the end of the 2015 season where he prepared himself for the move up into the AA Class competition and competed with Mortal Enemies in New Hamshire and at Paraclete.

Indoor Cloud League for Northern California: Ian Pedowitz
Then he finally joined Z-Hills PreciZion and began with the preparations for his first visit to the national championships, while he still participated regularly at the Florida indoor events.

He and Ian Pedowitz both collected Indoor Cloud League points on the east and west coast teams, as Ian Pedowitz showed up regularly at the indoor events of the Northern California Skydiving League.

Ian Pedowitz had moved up into the AAA Class competition in 2016 when Jimmy Xu won the USPA gold medals in the AA/Intermediate Class with Z-Hills PreciZion.

Jimmy Xu caught up in 2017 when he continued with Fast4ward XP and player-coach Kirk Verner. He and Ian Pedowitz finally competed directly against each other for the first time at the AAA/Advanced Class competition of the USPA Nationals 2017.

Fast4ward XP challenged Ranch 2nd Generation (R2G) for the top spot as a guest team, while Ian Pedowitz finished in 7th place with CH4. Now they have joined forces with Arizona FM to challenge themselves and each other with the Airspeed player-coaches...

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