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Did You Know...

... that the three best 4-way Junior teams in the world have probably moved closer to each other?

Air Devils with coach Richard Bisson
posted May 8th, 2018 - The three 4-way Junior medal winners of last year's FAI Indoor World Meet in Montreal have all been back in action this year and recently posted new scores.

The NSL News provided an update on 1 May 2018, after the FAI European Indoor Championship 2018, which included a separate 4-way Junior leaderboard.

Aerokart Ak'demie, reigning 4-way Junior world champions, won in Norway with a 27.0 average, followed by the 2017 bronze medalists from the Czech Republic, the HF Cubs, who suffered a devastating 10-point loss in Round 4.

The 4-way Junior silver medalists of 2017, the Air Devils from Canada, did not travel to Europe and had their own national indoor championships just a week after the event in Norway.

The Air Devils competed in the AA Class at iFLY Toronto, which is almost identical with FAI/IPC's 4-way Junior category.

However, the FAI/IPC dive pool excludes Block 1 and Block 13 from competition draws in 4-way Open and 4-way Junior both, and Aerokart Ak'demie and HF Cubs did not have to perform them in Norway. The FAI/IPC 4-way Junior events are also only 8-round meets.

Canadian Nationa 2018
RankAAA Class4,21,F14,L,5N,15,63,7,QB,18,13A,M,O,1110,16,GE,H,C,9P,J,D,1917,2,KTotalAvg
1Fuzion Voltige21  21  20-123  17-229  18  35-127  23  23423.4
24'Astrophe21  21  22  23  18  25  19  29-227  22  22722.7
3Storm 2.018  13-116-117-114  24  14-128-223  17  18418.4
4Altitude15  16  17  13-314  21-113  28  20  14-117117.1
RankAA ClassP,4,6G,J,H,21O,A,C,27,1311,Q,1814,M,B9,K,L15,D,NE,19,FJ,C,O,15TotalAvg
1Air Devils22  24  20  19  19  25  29  21  28  29  23623.6
2Karm417  20  18  16  14  20  16  15  21  15  17217.2
4'Astrophe at the Canadian Indoor Nationals 2018
The Air Devils had a different situation at their national indoor championships, where the AA Class dive pool has no limitations and the teams perform all ten rounds.

Block 1 (Snowflake - Snowflake) was neither drawn for the AAA Class competition nor for the teams in the AA Class, while both categories had Block 13 (Offset - Spinner) in their draws.

Air Devils member Yannick Bisson was performing Block 13 in Round 4 with his 4-way Junior team and then again in Round 5 in the AAA Class with his father Richard Bisson and sister Valerie for team 4'Astrophe.

He outscored 4'Astrophe with the Air Devils by meet average (23.6 - 22.7) after a total of 20 rounds in the point slot on the championship weekend.

Air Devils had no serious competition in the AA Class, while there was high pressure in the AAA Class competition with the Canadian national team in 4-way Open, Fuzion Voltige.

Canadian Nationals 2018
RankAA ClassP,4,6G,J,H,21O,A,C,27,1311,Q,1814,M,B9,K,L15,D,NE,19,FJ,C,O,15TotalAvg
1Air DevilsCA22  24-120-419  19  25  29  21-128-129  23623.6
FAI European Indoor Championship 2018
Rank4-way JuniorH,B,F,18N,6,D19,M,C8,7Q,15,KP,J,2E,9,414,O,L--TotalAvg
1Aerokart Ak'demie 2 FR 29-126-328-124-127-127-229 26--21627.0
2HF Cubs CZ 30-323-326 14-1023-122-323-225 --18623.3
Awards at the FAI European Indoor Championships 2018
The three 4-way Junior teams in the medal positions last year in Montreal did not challenge each other too much and finished with significant distances from each other, while the recent scores in Norway and Canada indicate that this situation could be different at the next competition where all three teams will meet each other again directly.

Aerokart Ak'demie seems to be far ahead of Air Devils and HF Cubs by the meet average numbers, which could be misleading. The 10-point loss of the HF Cubs in Round 4 alone decreased the meet average by 1.3 points. The NSL News explained in the earlier update that the HF Cubs have actually moved closer to the French national team in 4-way Junior.

The 23.6 average of the Air Devils at the national indoor championships is neither reflecting the actual performance level of the 4-way Junior team, as dive pool and competition draw are not identical and slightly more challenging in the AA Class.

Reality is probably that all three teams have moved closer to each other, and the next international 4-way Junior showdown will probably be more competitive compared to the indoor world meet last year...

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